A Kid Like Jake

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Loving parents Alex (Claire Danes) and Greg (Jim Parsons) are faced with the daunting task of applying to private kindergartens in New York City for their 4-year-old, Jake.

Competing in this cutthroat environment means focusing on what is most unique about a child, forcing Alex and Greg to consider Jake’s love of dresses, fairy tales, and princesses. These qualities never seemed unusual before, but when Jake begins to act out in preschool, Alex and Greg—suddenly at odds—must find a way to support Jake’s identity without losing each other in the process.

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  1. Jim Parsons is doing the ’rounds’ with talk shows promoting this movie. I saw him a couple of days ago for a late-night talk show and, for me, this movie looks interesting. Personally, I wish the boy was older [say, around 8-12 y.o.] — I think it [the movie, character of the boy] would have more impact with parents (current, future) and others in the general public that sees it.

  2. Wow, I don’t believe for a second that this two are a couple… really bad casting decision.

  3. A Kid Like Jake … milkboys 2018-06-09 Films, Films & Cinema …
    — NONSENSE. They bring a him up as a girl. Which they do. Such is the only way a he is a she.
    — Q — Can a one be a both ?
    — A — Chaos theory ! ha ha ha. Shades of Jurassic Park !
    — Q — How does a boy get away with fucking his mother ?
    — A — Be a girl while doing so. Oedipus Rex atop it all !

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