The Devil at his Side

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A president Trump might be bad but his vice president Mike Pence is even worse: He’s one of America’s most extreme anti-gay elected officials.

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  1. The Donald will not be the worst President ever but Pence and his ilk are bottom dwellers feeding off the ignorance and superstitions of the uneducated buffoons they trick into voting for them.

    On Tuesday night, the BBC reporters interviewed various seppos and two proudly told the World they were voting as the bibble told them.


    It’s 2016, amerika, you won’t defeat fundamentalist loonies abroad when your own country is full of them !

    1. “It’s 2016, [America], you won’t defeat fundamentalist loonies abroad when your own country is full of them!”

      Unfortunately, that is so true.

    2. This election wasn’t about Donald winning so much as the democrats choosing the one person in their party that could lose against him and losing touch with a large segment if the country that includes folk on both the left and the right.

      I hadn’t heard of Jonathan Pie before this video cam across my Facebook feed, but it pretty much breaks it down better then anything I’ve seen (hopefully the link works):

      Lastly, while I get what you’re doing, it’s not exactly easy to take someone seriously when they can’t be bothered to spell the name of my country correctly… especially when the country who’s flag is next to their name hasn’t exactly had a voting record to be proud of recently either.

      1. “it’s not exactly easy to take someone seriously when they can’t be bothered to spell the name of my country correctly”

        That’s because he’s never learned respect: He seems to hate America (that’s why he continues to disrespect anything American) and we all know HE HATES me, personally. For me, that’s OK, but no intelligence points to a reasoned hate for our country and everything about it. Their [Britain’s] last victory against us was the War of 1812 so they could keep Canada (and rightly so, as we don’t need their land — Canada is doing just fine now and a wonderful country). But the likes of him quickly forget World War I and World War II where he wouldn’t be alive today were it not for America and what we did for them during BOTH those major wars.

        “especially when the country who’s flag is next to their name hasn’t exactly had a voting record to be proud of recently either.”

        Exactly … but he refuses to accept normal reasoning (and their own history).

  2. ignorance is no excuse…

    was broadcast in 1987 on ABC, it is a, widely used, shorthand guys?

    And aren’t you actually the United States of America?

    So forgive ‘us’ for using an acronym you guys came up with first…

    And what is so wrong with Hilary? She won the popular vote, not helped by that ridiculous, fabricated (?), scandal put up by the FBI?

    Look at her performance on Tyler Oakley’s channel:
    she seems ‘real’ enough.

    See also Michael Moore’s ‘Moore in Trumpland’.

    Hilary, who has given her adult life to public service (living with Bill can’t always have been easy), was undermined by the drip drip of constant bad ‘unbiased’ press.

    The Electoral College system is clearly broken, it gave us George W, now it has given us The Donald:

    President Elect Trump has lied, left a trail of broken businesses behind him (his four casinos, his airline, several buildings), abused women, and has, to say the least, very odd feelings about his daughter’s sexuality…

    Ultimately you guys have voted for a plausible(?) buffoon, who appears in court on 28 November (‘Crooked Trump?’ anyone?). He might not live out his term, and the rest of the world waits to see what happens. Trump probably doesn’t have to depend on ‘Obamacare’; which for the first time, though inadequately, tried to give adequate healthcare to citizens of one of the richest countries in the world; healthcare which most of the US’s allies provide to all their citizens as a matter of course.

    Believe me, most of the rest of the world loves the USA, even if we don’t always understand the voting decisions you make (and as you point out we don’t always make good decisions ourselves). We hope you have made the right decision about your new president, and hope we all survive the next four years.

  3. Oh and regarding WW1 and WW2, which you did join in with, eventually, we paid our debts back to you for those two wars during the last few years. Yes we (the UK) really had to pay you for those wars, check out the figures. It was a really good investment, but kept us in a subservient position to you for a very long time.

    “Congress had not authorized the gift of supplies delivered after the cutoff date, so the U.S. charged for them, usually at a 90% discount. Large quantities of undelivered goods were in Britain or in transit when Lend-Lease terminated on 2 September 1945. Britain wished to retain some of this equipment in the immediate post war period. In 1946, the post-war Anglo-American loan further indebted Britain to the U.S. Lend-Lease items retained were sold to Britain at 10% of nominal value, giving an initial loan value of £1.075 billion for the Lend-Lease portion of the post-war loans. Payment was to be stretched out over 50 annual payments, starting in 1951 and with five years of deferred payments, at 2% interest.[67] The final payment of $83.3 million (£42.5 million), due on 31 December 2006 (repayment having been deferred in the allowed five years and during a sixth year not allowed), was made on 29 December 2006 (the last working day of the year). After this final payment Britain’s Economic Secretary to the Treasury formally thanked the U.S. for its wartime support.”

    excerpt from:

    As I understand it you still own considerable chunks of our country, in the form of military bases, over which you have total control, and we have very little jurisdiction. But if you asked the great majority of UK people (I hesitate to use the subject/citizen terminology), they would still continue to express gratitude and friendship towards the USA.

  4. PS. Most presidents seem to grey during their presidency.

    Do you suppose president elect Trump will stop dying his hair?

  5. Trump is a dick.

    Pence is evil.

    At the risk of upsetting Pen, Jesus said, “love God, and love your neighbour; there is no commandment greater than these”. He suggested you obeyed the original 10 commandments, which underlie the laws of most countries.

    All the rest ‘is details’.

    Jesus, had nothing to say about gays. If anything he said ‘”Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?”

    I guess he wasn’t a Pence sort of guy…

  6. Rachel Maddow, “righteous dude”.

    We are going to need more of her, and her colleagues, over the next few years.

  7. Trump and Pence are terrific. You show your nature when you support a baby killer like Hillary.

    1. A misogynistic, child rapist, racketeering, con-man like Trump is terrific? Trump and Pence are terrific in the sense that he is what the Republicans deserve after all the dirty politics they have been playing, unfortunately the country is going to suffer for their mis-deeds.

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