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  1. Nice. The opposite of Equus. A Shetland Pony, I’d guess.

    I wish I could have seen the play in New York with Daniel Radcliffe. But the original movie with Peter Firth and Richard Burton was very good.

    1. Thanks Bob…
      ~Not only super sweet but he’s riding bareback and his hair is still long & gorgeous. I so hate it when boys cut their hair just to appear older or meet societies’s norms and lose those last vestiges of boyhood.

      1. If you search for ‘Jesse Drent’ in Youtube there are a number of videos of him, both young and recent, in all of which he is just so beautiful, very playful too, well worth a look.

  2. Having loved horses all my life I forebore “Equus”; I get uncomfortable just reading about the torture of animals.

    This young man, in addition to being handsome beyond reasonable measure, loves and is loved by horses and that is a wonderful thing. Great clip.

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