8% of Football Fans are Morons

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BBC survey released last year said 8% fans would stop watching if their team had a gay player. Comedian Russell Howard got a few words for them…

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  1. So, 92% of soccer fans are gay? ;)

    In other news, Trump lifted the ban on importing African elephant tusks that thus far restricted the number of objects suitable to impale him through the fundament.

  2. My own country, Scotland, is said to be one of the best or perhaps even best country for Gay people in Europe. Great.

    But, my own experience of football from the day I could first walk is one of massively entrenched bigotry. Primarily religious although of course the gay thing is there.

    Fuck football and fuck all football fans…

    The usual excuse of ‘it’s just an obnoxious minority’ is such mealy mouthed shit. It’s a lie.

  3. No. Just 92% of soccer fans are fans of soccer. I’d recommend anyone who can should watch Russell Howard. He’s a very funny and perceptive comedian.

  4. I’m sure it’s even worse for American football fans. Never mind that they still pat each others’ ass or slam their chests getting their faces close enough to kiss the other when they make a touchdown or do some idiotic “dance” — which, at least for that moment, make them LOOK weird if not “gay.”

    I enjoy watching soccer. To me, it shows a hell of a lot more talent for the game than American football. Plus, what’s the real point in rooting for teams of players that need to wear layers of “armor” (you can’t even see their faces properly) just to move a ball down a field ? For me, it’s a total waste of time.

    1. Very true. I don’t know much about football overseas (or soccer as we call it), but American football fans are some of the biggest meatheads there are.

      1. “meatheads” … literally!

        Just Google: “mental injuries in American football” and you’ll see just how stupid football is making their players … play-by-play.

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