33 Teeth

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Eddie is a hormonal 14-year-old boy living alone with his mother in the suburbs. One day after school, he accidentally spies on his attractive older neighbour, Chad, stepping out of the shower and measuring his manhood with a comb.

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  1. This is just as cute and funny now as when you first posted this video. Eddie looks to be just over an inch longer than Chad. :-)

  2. Cute.

    This reminded me of the book “The World of Normal Boys” by K.M. Soehnlein, where the main protagonist is a 13 year old gay boy that is infatuated with his 16 year old next door neighbor.

    Little does he know, but the cute neighbor boy also lusts after him, so after smoking some pot together one night, the inevitable happens.

    I hope the boy in this clip (Chad) gets to realize his fantasy as well.

    Thanks for posting…

    1. Oops.

      Got the names mixed up in my comment above. Eddie is the younger boy and Chad is the older.

      Anyways, a 2nd viewing of this film makes me wonder whether Chad is also perhaps gay. His friend who picks him up in the convertible mumbles something about ‘gay neighbor’… I think. Whatever he says is unintelligible.

      But he DOES glance back at Eddie who is staring a hole Chad and his driver-friend.

      Oh well, I’m still caught up in that book that I mentioned above, and I suppose fantasizing myself about possible scenarios of these two boys hooking up. They are both super-cute!

      1. @Al Bendova:
        “Anyways, a 2nd viewing of this film makes me wonder whether Chad is also perhaps gay.”

        I think so too, by Chad’s eye contact with Eddie.


        “His friend who picks him up in the convertible mumbles something about ‘gay neighbor’… I think. Whatever he says is unintelligible.”

        The best I can make of what is said is this:
        Smoking driver: “It’s your little faggot freind. Look at him, man.”
        Chad says, “I guess your ass, man.”

        What Chad says doesn’t make any sense, but I think they wanted to throw in some “ass” statement into the scene to signify Chad’s acceptance/curiosity/tolerance of gays. (That’s what I make of it anyway.)

  3. As for cock size there are other concerns. I ask these questions. How friendly versus any competition? How much effort is exerted in forming friendship and camaraderie versus being full of hate? Eddie shows more than a mere criminal tendency by his manipulating the neighbor to even let him in the house of a guy he seems to jealously hate, and he goes further to examine the guy’s bedroom. UH OH ! Eddie the criminal or Eddie the simply less than honest or Eddie the slasher? And Eddie does not pick up the trash he left on the walkway. Incompetent or sociopath or careless fuck off? The makers of this video have similar sociopathic problems demonstrated by the video itself as described by Eddie. UH OH ! This is no HA HA. That is my lesson from this video.

  4. I was particularizing the thing and describing it all from a police detective perspective. It is a crime that it portrays, for one, and hidden intentions are more than hinting in the show. And I was being only a lliittle bit ‘critical’. I can never take any ‘it’ as ‘it’ ‘is’, as ‘it’ is NECESSARILY more than what the creator of the ‘it’ says ‘it’ is. OH. I do enjoy the thing as I see it originally. FUN. Part of that enjoyment done later IS the particularizing of the thing, any movie, or show, and, after enjoying anything as ‘it is’, I enjoy molecular zinging. SORRY. The thing is a movie-short of one guy’s jealousy of another guy’s sexual anatomy and this same guy’s desire to conquer and out-do him. But that guy is a fuck-up!!! The beautiful guy, I figure, is in trouble. I have seen with mine eyes ten such violent confrontations between the ugly and the beautiful. The makers are culpable for the entire thing’s, what I consider, evil intent. RAPE and DISFIGUREMENT.

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