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This video was a bit controversial last time we posted it but seeing how it was re-submitted two times already after the restart of the blog… here we go again

Not sure what the context was here but in many European countries it’s a tradition to do something silly along these lines on the last day of school. In fact people coming to school just in undies happened in my school when I was in 9th grade or so!

Comments 31

  1. How do you say heart attack in Russian? LOL By the way, the hell with controversies. Life’s too short not to have fun.

        1. Nothing special actually. They are just yelling all the time and at the end girl asked him can he run naked. And he did lol

  2. Cute – would love to know what the situation was all about – handsome boy – cute butt – silly girls!

  3. Wouldn’t the world be better place in more people did this instead of trying to kill each other.

  4. This is a very enchanting display of teenage behaviour XD!
    But mostly, it’s just a super cute fine lad. :) Loved it!

  5. If this was posted before, I may have seen it. But would someone be so kind as to post the YouTube address for this so I can d/l it and watch it? (Firefox/Linux haven’t updated their plugin yet.) Thanks in advance.

      1. Thank you for that, but downloading isn’t the problem — it’s being able to see the videos in Firefox/online. I can already download them and then view them at the OS level with my video player. I d/l’d it from devilena’s link.

        And I was correct, I have seen this one and d/l’d it. It’s very cute.

  6. Okey Dokey; this lad is about five hundred kinds of cute, couple hundred kinds of happy nervy brave and more than a little “not soft” about the whole situation!

    @ Grumpy: Oh if only… iff only…

    Thanks Josh! VERY nice to have you backkk!

  7. I think he should receive a scholarship for this action, I for sure wouldn´t have had the courage.. Yet we don´t want to create a trend although it would be funny….

  8. I met a 91 year old lady while celebrating Thanksgiving. She had a delightfully mischievous sparkle in her eyes every time she smiled, which was often. This boy, and that lovely old lady makes me think of ‘Forever Young’ by Bob Dylan. I hope this boy keeps that look in his eyes forever like she has. I wish more people could :).

  9. Im not American and im just guessing… But I believe if he did this in an American school he would be listed as a sex offender possibly for life especially that there were 11 yr old girls around the place.

    Am I right?

  10. Cute face,innocent expression,beautiful body and great bulge through red undies.This is the video I was looking for.

  11. What keeps us transfixed on the cute boy is his attractive face and the bulge seen through his red underwear.He has got a good dick.I saw this video for many times because it is nice to see his bulge.His butt which he shows at the end of the video when he does streaking is lovely.It is disappointing that we could only get the view of his naked butt.A frontal shot would have certainly given us a rare opportunity to view his beautiful dick.I love this cute boy very much.

  12. When compared to the video of public erection in Argentinian High School this is nothing.You can watch that video by following this link:http//www.dailymotion.com/video/xpxmlh_boys-get-public-erection-in-argentinian-high-school_fun

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