2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten

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Life at a sleepy high school in Pampanga, rife with unethical and oppressive instructors, changes with the arrival of interracial pretty boy Magnus Snyder.

This is particularly true for top scholar Felix. When he’s enlisted to help the new student with his schoolwork, the quiet Felix is drawn out of his loner shell and into the wild ways of Magnus and his devilish younger brother Maxim. As Felix’s closeted attraction to Magnus grows, he becomes increasingly enmeshed in the Snyder family’s dark tensions, which involve their hard-partying mother. Despite uneven acting and a tendency toward heavy-handedness, the film demonstrates admirable attunement to the introverted Felix as he hurtles down a coming-of-age trajectory with seemingly no way out other than disaster.

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  1. OK, I watched this last night. My final “grade”: no better than a C.

    First, the story/premise of this movie is interestingly plausible, but executed very poorly overall.

    The boys are definitely cute enough to garner a pretty good fan base — but based on their looks and bodies only. Fair acting, but I blame that more on the writers and director — both very poor, to say the least. But, unfortunately, that’s become a hallmark of Filipino movies — especially those with gay themes.

    Filipinos are still hamstrung with the idiocy of [christian] religion (predominately catholics) just like America (except they are predominately protestant of some various bullshit) and they let it run their lives without any base critical thinking. And this movie shows this in spades: 1) the crosses extremely predominate and “front and center” in their classrooms, 2) the teacher–student behaviors and discipline — just as would be in a fascist catholic school [even American religious schools aren’t this screwed up — at least, that I’ve experienced], and lastly, the constant repressive behavior of the students toward their bodies and anything even remotely suggesting sexuality — even though this story is trying to center itself on “just-below-the-surface” sexuality.

    Too bad — this movie actually had the makings [if it were done properly] of being a quite possible ethnic cult classic (along the lines of Let Me In/Let The Right One In). The boys could have done this justice as I think the would have reacted well to good direction and if the writing had shown more truthful psychology and recognition of human sexuality and sensuality.

    Filipino public culture always seem to present a constant dominate/passive behavior pattern that they won’t even release to express themselves in any ways of the arts.

  2. I generally enjoyed the movie. It doesn’t hurt to have some understanding of Filipino cultural values, which are not exactly aligned with ours. Also, their circumstances, the impoverishment, takes a great toll on people.

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