18 years later: Possibly the most wholesome family photo ever

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Shared by Gabriel Santos in a post on Facebook. Someone should ask their mum what kind of witchcraft she’s using to stay eternally young by the way.

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  1. Brazil is something else..
    All I see now is a “traditional” family, with a man and a woman. ;)

    The 3 kids look awesome regardless of gender but the young man should wear a bra too: His obscene pecs put the shame on 200% of all male transphobes!
    (I used “200%” but I am not sure if transphobes in 2018 are worth only half a regular human or if it’s less, feel free to correct men, sorry, me.)

  2. It helps greatly that the mother wears a hat out in the sun. Also she seems to not over eat greatly. The daughters may be over eating. The son has muscle mass for the amount he eats so that seems healthy. The hormones the son is taking may shorten his life but better to live happy than to live unhappy.

  3. I think the purpose of the photo is to show how accepting this family is of there transsexual son/brother.

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