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From the music, over the plot, to the fake guitar playing, there are many things in this videos that aren’t great. But some cute boys sure make up for a lot :p

Found by Hana in the milkboys chat

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    1. @Horselips
      😘Can never go wrong with cute little crooning white boys, (till puberty hits) & chainmail… Chainmail? Whatever floats your boat HL’s, Thanks!

    2. What I learned in that video is that MattB may be able to rap but he can’t dance; and Mike Singer’s mom shouldn’t hold the camera while he’s making a music video in the back alley.

    3. @horsey:
      “Asians…Asians…Asians. Enufff. ”

      Oh, horsey, get a grip! After all, without Asians, we wouldn’t have Caucasians!get it?

      Besides, you really need to understand why the world has Asians to begin with … it brings and holds the cuteness “gene” to the rest of the human [primate] population.

      And, yes, that video is interesting, and the singers ARE cute, but the videos (and editing techniques) are quite poor quality to even begin to emphasize the “cuteness” of the singers in a proper manner. Johnny’s video has a major syncing problem (just to begin with).

      1. 😘He is extremely cute and he sings too?
        I really should pay more attention to that! Last young singer I paid attention to was Ronan Parke!

    4. You ought to develop a taste for boys from cultures that respect their elders! At your age Horsey, how many young blond boys are after you, as opposed to Asian boys? :-P

      1. Sadly, my days of enjoying the favors of young boys of any description are over. But not to lament, for back in the day I frolicked aplenty with them … and I have vivid and fond memories of so many …

    5. Can always count on your mild “isms” to keep us entertained and slightly disgusted.

  1. josh, I have to give you a big “shout out” for that video above. At least, for me when the video ended, it presented 4 other videos to click on (which I normally DON’T do), so I clicked on this link in the video:

    On Black Sitcom, Atheist Character is Undateable — 06:44

    I encourage all of you (and particularly horsey, for one) to watch it. It presented a very good angle (but with the predictable “Hollywood” ending, which is disgusting) to see this subject matter. Still worth watching.

    I don’t even know the name of the sitcom it’s from, but I do recognize at least 3 of the actors.

  2. “-the videos (and editing techniques) are quite poor quality to even begin to emphasize the “cuteness” of the singers in a proper manner. Johnny’s video has a major syncing problem (just to begin with).”
    😈Yeah that was a major concern for me too… Tee-hee😂

  3. This is NOT a “criticism,” but an observation in josh’s video (above) — the K-Pop singer “thumbnail” (I didn’t get his name) has a mild cross-eyedness — which I’ve found to be rather “common” with East and Southeast Asians.

    I’m not being “negative” because I have the same “condition” [with me, it’s just what is commonly known as a “lazy {eye} muscle”] — and, I’m sure, just like the boy above, probably doesn’t affect the quality of his eyesight just as it never affected my eyesight abilities. It’s minor and more a visual thing that some people notice (as with me).

    Now, back to your regularly scheduled video ……..

  4. Penboy, that’s Wonpil. And yes, he’s cross-eyed. We all love him more for it.

    And as for the fake guitar playing, I can assure you guys that DAY6 are extremely proficient with their instruments. By virtue of being signed to JYP, they HAVE to be talented. There are plenty of live videos out there where you can see that Jae is indeed a good guitarist and Wonpil is indeed a good singer. Please don’t insinuate that these boys aren’t talented(these boys being in their 20s btw), because they have not had it easy. Unlike girl groups or groups that perform more upbeat, poppy music, they are performing real, honest songs in a country where depression is absurdly stigmatized. They could easily copy everyone else and sing about girls and money and cars, but they choose to be real as fuck, so please respect that.

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