Yeah, I’m a Disaster

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I feel really stupid asking for help so soon again not only because it’s certainly not easy to admit to the world that you stumble through life and would be lost without the help of others. But there’s no hiding when it comes that anymore I suppose.

It seems like my monitor was trying to go with the general theme of my life because it kind of blew up in my face. Well, luckily it didn’t ex- but implode so at least my face was safe but it was a bit of a nasty shock anyway (don’t even ask what was on the screen at that moment).

I borrowed a monitor from a friend for a few days but she needs it back soon so I’ll have to get a new one. That is a problem since I’m only just scraping by and even that only because you guys helped me pay for my move that allows me to start a new job next month which is why it’s extra embarrassing to ask again if anyone able to chip in :(

If you can, please click here?

There will be a small thank you coming your way of course!  Thanks <3

If you donated via GoFundMe before:

It looks like mails from GoFundMe haven’t been delivered to my Gmail account for whatever reason for a few weeks now. I don’t know what exactly the problem is (I have similar issues with notification mails from YouTube which is extra weird seeing how YouTube is a Google company so you would think they’d manage to send mails to their own mail service!?) but I changed my GoFundMe mail address to a different service now.

If you replied to a message I sent you through GoFundMe lately, especially about rewards for your donation, and didn’t hear back from me, please drop me a line through the contact form here and I’ll get back to you asap!

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  1. Sorry to disappoint, but that defo is not him.

    And in all my 30+ years dealing with monitors…I have never had one blow up.

    285 euro for a monitor…not a cheap ask then!

  2. I was thinking 280 was high, but then i started thinking. He does put a lot of work into this site and i enjoy checking it out, so hey why not send him $10 to help.

    1. At least it’s only the laptop SCREEN that was photoshopped — everything else is natural and very attractive.

  3. unless someone accidentally put in an extra zero in his donation, it looks like Josh now has enough to buy 3 computer screens

  4. May I suggest with your new found wealth, you buy not just a new monitor but a cheap laptop too, then you can at least survive if one or the other goes BOOOOOOM in the future.

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