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  1. Even behind his “mask”, I can see he’s very cute. And “white hot” as well. Hmmm, I cannot help but wonder what he has stored in that satchel — toys and lotions maybe? :-)

    1. You’re so damn gross. Sexuality and fashion and expression does not equal dirty. Whatever is in that satchel isn’t for you, that is for sure.

      1. Fuck you. WHERE did I say anything was “dirty”?

        And as for what you said about the satchel, the same applies to YOU.

          1. I don’t need to fight with a dirty-minded peon. I clearly got under his skin. I succeeded.

  2. I’d just as soon see cuties wearing something we might actually see them wearing out and about since that can be pretty wonderful too.

  3. I think there is nothing in the satchel; it’s only there for the « look », to complete the disguise. I love this boy, even though I don’t know him. I’ll go and check out his blog, Thanks to Jairhehmeee. I’ll be back for more comments. OK?

  4. Tazzio : J’aime votre commentaire. Êtes-vous blond et jeune comme Tadzio de Mort à Venise? Au plaisir… Claude

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