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  1. I don’t really have much to say about the pic, he is cute though.

    Really wanted to hop on here because I heard a familiar voice singing on my TV a couple minutes ago and turned to see who it was (I always have the TV on in the background when on the computer)…. turned out Troye was performing on the Today Show here in the US. Good to see that guy getting so much attention…

  2. I dunno, maybe it’s just a generational thing, but it’s hard to beat a hot boy in his tighty whiteys. Just sayin’.

  3. Very attractive, everything about him is up lifting, no wait that is what is happening to me seeing him. Love guys with the (V) that points to the package. Great smile, great body.

  4. Not trying to be a nagger, but this site has become slow paced, and boring. You only see one measly pic every two to three days. At the same time you constantly get bombarded with pleas for donations and money. I don’t see the point of paying those “hosting fees” when you never have much to host. In my opinion, this has turned into a cash cow for somebody who doesn’t want to put any effort into it anymore.

    Before you get mad and say, “Don’t come here anymore then.” Remember opinions are like butts and we all like to look at one!

    1. ❦To tell you the truth sites having the standard meat parade, are a dime a dozen but ones with an eclectic mix such as this are more rare, especially ones that offers real comments.
      Admittedly at times milkboys can be a touch stale but that’s the same with any site. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes and its easy enough to just move on to more fertile fields elsewhere.
      Insofar as the the money part goes Josh had the site up for years before any talk of funding assistance came up and it was chuck full of luscious milkboys from wall to wall then. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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