When no Bathroom is right

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A transgender boy was suspended from his high school in South Carolina for using the boys’ restroom — after being told that he can’t use the girls’ bathroom either.

He used to use the girls’ bathroom when he started his transition but that prompted complaints about a boy being in the girls’ bathroom. So the school allowed him to use the boys’ restroom for the following three years of middle-school without anyone raising an eyebrow.

This changed though when he started High School and was seen by a teacher using the same bathroom. “He must’ve looked at his records and saw the sex on his records because that’s the only way he could’ve known,” the student’s mother said. The next day, the boy was called in by administrators and told he must use the girls’ bathroom or go to the nurse’s office.


“If he started using the girl’s bathroom in 12th grade, it’s going to create a problem. I felt like that would be dangerous,” his mom said. “The nurse’s office is downstairs on the first floor of the school and the school has three stories.”

The boy was holding it, which his mother worried was unhealthy. So she told him to keep doing what he had been all along and use the boys’ bathroom. After the student was seen by teachers using the boys’ bathroom about 2 weeks ago, he was suspended. “They did not give me a copy of the write up,” his mother told the station. “They did not talk to me.”

The student’s mother enrolled him in an online school, but it means the student is missing out on all the activities he was involved in, including having to drop out of a school play.

“Let the transgender kids be themselves,” she told the station. “Let them be safe and let them be comfortable. Let them have their education in an environment where they are not harassed or felt to be unsafe.”

No explanation was given as to why the teacher was in the students’ restroom. The mother said she received an email from the Department of Education, which seemed to indicate the school was in the wrong

Why gendered bathrooms are a thing to begin with? Who knows. But this boy, and many like him, certainly know what it feels like to not belong.

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  1. High school is hell and that was for then gay boy (now happy GM) me. Being trans at school would be way worse. I hope the boy has access to LGBTQI groups and knows we take folks as they are…

    The boy’s Mom is right; why do we have gender specific restrooms? A long time ago I had a female friend who wanted to go to dikes night at a local dance club. She wanted me to go with her as she had some misgivings. Sometime into the night I went to the men’s room and started using the urinal. Right then six women deiced that they might well put the other restroom into use. From the door one could see everything. That was my ‘so what’ moment and the women treated it the same way. – My friend had a blast.

    Hugs to all.

  2. Your experience at a lesbian club night is not exactly comparable to coed bathrooms in highschool.

  3. Why gendered bathrooms are a thing to begin with?

    Jees, you already have a lot of boys who are too shy to use a urinal next to another (even with partitions between them). If they’re too shy for just that, how do you think they will react if they see or know a [biological] girl is using the same bathroom?

    As expensive as it will be, I suggest at least one “third or neutral” bathroom in each building for the transgenders.

    1. Post

      Or get rid of urinals? Or put them into cubicles? Probably cheaper than a third bathroom and a good step towards teaching kids that there’s nothing “naughty” about the other gender. We also let gay boys shower with straight boys, so I don’t see the problem with girls and boys washing their hands at the same sink.

      1. “Probably cheaper than a third bathroom …”

        Possibly …. but all schools already have a “private bathroom” for the administration/teachers, etc., right? And there’s another room for the janitors, and probably another room for supplies.

        One of those rooms could be used (if large enough) …. just add water lines, sink and a toilet.


        “good step towards teaching kids that there’s nothing ‘naughty’ about the other gender. We also let gay boys shower with straight boys, so I don’t see the problem with girls and boys washing their hands at the same sink.”

        I agree. I was just pointing out how some boys can be so “shy” of others nearby (and, now of the same gender), just imagine if a “pee-shy” boy knows there’s a girl in the next stall and/or washing her hands. Just sayin’ …..

  4. The she-male’s and male-she’s want to shower with the males and the females (shy, scared, or otherwise). They do NOT WANT separate private rooms or stalls. They insist on the mix. They want rape and shock and touch and feel and fear-rape. They do not say otherwise. Otherwise, this is not an issue here. We insist on personal stalls for everyone, regardless of whatever, each accommodating, facilitating, greeting, allowing, and more, for all : for examples : wheel chairs plus all other disabilities, for all genders and sexualities, baby tending, breast feeding, sexual self illustration, other self regenerations, sexual tenderness’s, and more. This site refuses all such and excludes the privacy of others who want simple private extrusions and expels and this site shows it propels extermination of sex for reproduction.

  5. Oh, the vile and disgusting sights and smells imaginable in the men’s rooms of yore, a testament of vile excrement and gore, replete with art and poetry of every naughty nature; a place where few ladies could possibly imagine as fact, except for the rumours they’d been told; a place they’d never dare to go.

    The Ladies’ room all clean and shiny, a mingling spot of makeup and gossip, flowery scents mingle in the air; odd looking containers to dispose of things unmentioned. Not a urinal to be seen, nary a stain on the ceiling; a place where a man would be uncomfortable, over the age of seven.

    And now you say unisex? The boys have cleaned up their act? We’re now all equal and rape culture is underground; bring on these new facilities of renewed human faith! Long gone are the times of separation, no more Gentlemen and Escorts or Ladies only, the taverns long since reformed; the time has come for communal human excretion.

    But wait, here come the transgenders and queers! All confusion, upset and anger, and what do we do; what do we do? Is that he a She, or is she one of the Boys? That person is looking at me wrong! What is to be done; what is to be done? Build new loos with tools for all! That should satisfy those who question; we need to make an an acquisition!

    But who’s got the dough to make it so? Neither school board, state nor province? Let taxpayers do it, the final solution.

    1. “But who’s got the dough to make it so? Neither school board, state nor province? Let taxpayers do it, the final solution.”

      I’m not sure if you’re aiming that statement towards your fellow Canadians, or (most likely?) the USA. If it’s the USA, I can tell you where a good portion of that money should come from: ALL of our religious institutions — churches/mosques/synagogues/etc, plus their schools and other properties.

      Religious properties cost USA over $71 BILLION per year in lost property taxes alone:

      We would be totally out of debt if they were to pay what all other taxpayers have to pay to cover their theft of American resources ….

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