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    1. I’m sorry…the habit you refer to is so smelly and offensive that it completely overwhelms the apparent “sweetness” that attracted you.

      Sure, I see the young bodies (not outstanding, IMHO) and the bulge (big deal) but my overwhelming sense of anticipation is of stale breath – like that of an old style dirty old man. And, I am NOT attracted to old men. (Notwithstanding I am one.!)

  1. Beautiful snapshot : Very sexy and erotic that penis being shown through the bathing trunks. Love it! Boys can be so sensual, don’t you agree?

  2. Should be a picture handing it over to his Mom right before lowering his shorts for a spanking.

  3. Hot as hell!

    I still love smokers breath, much more real and exciting than the sweet artificial kind.

    Any links?

    1. I suppose it could be a deck of cards but that actually turns me off more than the idea of it being smokes. I do recall the sensual craze of smokers breath, maybe a little beer, in the heat of the moment when everything wasn’t exactly perfect. ;-)

  4. I’m just glad they’re wearing tight swimsuits instead of goddam board shorts over multiple layers of underwear.

  5. They look more like undies than swimwear, just the thing when you absolutely have to get in the water.

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