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  1. Very Cute and smooth leggy …. Pacific Islanders are so friendly. And a rainbow toga …. how quaint, but nice.

  2. Dreams would come true:
    Warm sun, sandy beach, a palm for some shadow and a cute, lightly dressed boy

  3. 🤔Yes, she looks really cute… Specially that stomach and those hips.
    (Since I can’t prove the sex of our lovely model I’ll go with that!)

    1. Considering he looks like a male in every way possible and doesn’t have a stitch of clothing compared to most people we see in a day, I think its obviously a guy.

      Why would you think otherwise?

      1. “Why would you think otherwise?”

        A female without breasts? (Yeah, I know, that’s crazy.)

  4. 😋Geeze guys never meant to cause a stir, I did say she was cute no matter what sex she was!

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