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  1. Interesting, his site has very unconventional photos as well as an unconventional method of scrolling them. But with too many repeats.

  2. *foreskin envy alert*

    All guys should get to keep a pretty foreskin like that- or at least get to decide if and when its cut away.

    1. Horselips is 100% anatomically correct, with all O.E.M. installed parts intact. I even have my tonsils. Thanks Mom & Dad! I would kill to keep my foreskin.

      1. horsey is 100% anatomically correct but with the wrong brain switched at birth by a Westboro Baptist runaway — Thanks, mom & dad!

    2. “All guys should get to keep a pretty foreskin like that”

      It’s not always “pretty” and many times doesn’t smell “pretty” either. I’m not against it, it’s just that a LOT of boys didn’t get their parents’ (or should have come from them) memo to keep it clean.

      And, for the record, I still have about half of mine — the doc gave me a loose cut.

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