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  1. Oh yes! Me too. Makes me a wet wednesday waking.
    Just enough arrogant to stay free!
    May be Italian or rather Spanish on Sitges rocks

  2. 😘Looks pretty cocky, someone should get him wet…
    Ooops, I mean splash him!

  3. Although those shorts are probably public walking shorts, they LOOK like they’re a Euro version of boxer-briefs. Which is quite nice, either way. Boxer-briefs are ALWAYS preferable to ANY (plain or otherwise) boxers.

    Nice pic. Too bad his buddy was edited out. He’s definitely a cutie … face and body.

      1. I thought you meant our Milo – the cutie, not that douche Milo Y who can go fuck himself.

  4. Yes, they are boxer-briefs. In the UK they are best when made of stretch Jersey, they cling to the body and show everything, both front and back. I think there is nothing sexier than a gorgeous tight butt held tighter by boxer-briefs.

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