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  1. Very nice except for his hair style. I’ve always thought him good looking — he just has bad taste in his hair style.

    Btw, are these pics from his father’s personal collection? He does have a very special kissing relationship with his father (and quite public as well).

  2. Just viewed the link video. At least for this series, he looks much better with the typical “Afro” which is good looking on him — thanks to the studio hair dresser and Director, I’m sure.

    And the kissing tease is interesting, if obviously incomplete (and probably that’s all it is?). Typical homophobic Hollywood camera play and editing. I hope I’m wrong about this.

  3. Two things; first of all, he’s a spoiled brat with hardly any intelligence. (Although he would claim otherwise)
    And second, Penboy, why so many comments? You look like a hyperactive 15 year old :p

    1. “And second, Penboy, why so many comments?”

      3 of my posts offered links that some of you might just enjoy.

      “You look like a hyperactive 15 year old”

      And your post was quite the accomplishment, right?

  4. Regardless of his wealth and bad movies, this kid and anyone else under 18 should be able to live without being haunted by the tabloids photographers. He is not fair game for these stalkers until he reaches majority age.

    1. I like him, but he’s a “movie star” who dresses outrageously and says provocative things, even his family puts him on talk shows. How can you possibly think he doesn’t want to be followed and filmed as often as possible by photographers of any kind? And last but not least, he is 18.

      1. “I like him, but he’s a ‘movie star’ ”

        I would be very hesitant to call him a star. More like, a character actor “who dresses outrageously and says provocative things.” One wonders if he actually went to a school or was “home-schooled” without the standard texts.

        1. That’s why I put the quote marks, I’m assuming he (and his family) thinks he’s a movie star or will be one and should act like one to help the process along.

  5. Fotos snapped when he was 17 yrs., 10 mths.
    Regardless of however much he desires coverage,
    this age group should not be stalked by the tabs.

    1. Then the Shirley Temple story must really provoke your ire. (I know it’s wasn’t the same thing; the paparazzi phenomenon is a Frankenstein monster that really needs to be gotten under control .)

    2. “Fotos snapped when he was 17 yrs., 10 mths.

      And you’re worried about …. 2 months?

      Give us a break.

  6. Juvenile actors are just meat. They are used for profit and discarded. Wealthy or not, the number of child actors on the trash heap is tragic. The acting out and ridiculous rhetoric he spouts is no doubt encouraged by the family publicist. Other than that, I wouldn’t kick him out of bed.

    1. “Juvenile actors are just meat. They are used for profit and discarded. ”

      Be very careful about saying things like that when horsey (and his posse) is around. He’ll bring out his 5 sub-machine guns, 3 shotguns and 4 pistols and go on a hunting spree.

      Look for him hiding in the malls!

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