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  1. Josh – Today at 1:36 PM

    “As for attracting audiences @Ika!, I’m not even worried about someone being a pedo. There’s nothing wrong with that.

    I mean obviously there’s a difference between having a certain attraction and actually abusing someone. As long as people can draw a clear line between real life and fantasies, I don’t see a problem.

    (someone also linked those two studies a year or two ago here which came to the conclusion that up to half of all adult males get sexually aroused by looking at naked pre-teens which probably explains the severe and harsh reactions many people have about the topic, kinda like how the worst homophobes usually turn out to be gay :p)

    But where I was going with this: There’s two types of people when it comes to this. There are people who can behave like normal human beings with empathy, deceny and so on and then there are people who just completely lose all common sense when it’s about anything sexual.

    And there seem to be a lot of people attracted to younger folks who fall into the latter category. There are many… weird ones. You know, who treat the objects of their desire like meat and are very outspoken about it. And those are people I certainly don’t want here. And that’s no matter what age group they’re attracted to btw.(edited)
    All that being said, milkboys was never a place intended for or catering to people who are attracted to pre-teens. That was never the sujet of the blog. Of course tastes can overlap so they were and are part of the audience but it’s not like by not allowing pictures of 10-year-olds to be posted here we’re betraying our core mission or something :p

    I know I said that a lot lately but when I made milkboys I was a teenager who wanted a place where other teenagers can looks at people of their own age because apparently that was a novel concept somehow!?

    So milkboys wasn’t even a place meant to be specifically for ephebophiles. Even tho I had no problem with them being an audience either.

    Over the course of the years the site changed a lot, just like I did. And nowadays I see it more as a general queer place with the special distinction that it’s open to all age groups which includes 14-year-old babyfags as much as 80-year-old veterans of the quuer community so to speak.(edited)
    And while the aesthetic focus remains on twinks and teens, just because I see that, maybe especially today, as a niche that should be filled, the blog and this discord aren’t really about pushing the line when it comes to issues like the age of consent like some people seem to think.

    I have some opinions on many issues when it comes to teens, the queer community around them, sex politics etc. Yeah, I think being sexually attracted to a teenager shouldn’t be a taboo (especially considering the studies mentioned above), I think we shoudl treat sex in general as something fun and healthy and stop painting it as some soul-destroying sin but on the other hand I think for example that the age of consent is set at a reasonable line in places like Sweden or Germany. I don’t see any inherent value in lowering it because there indeed is a lot of potential for abuse of power.

    But those are my personal opinions. I can express those and I can act accordingly, especially on the blog which gives me quite some freedom since it’s self-hosted. But here on discord, even putting the issue of attracting creeps that we discussed above aside, the point remains that we have to be really careful not to push too hard into a direction that could cost us the server.

    As I and others pointed out, it’s just not worth the risk when you can find hundreds of Tumblrs with pictures of boys you can look at. We wouldn’t offer any added value by doing the same.

    Sorry for the lengthy quote. I went on the Discord thing and pleasantly stumbled into this message written by Josh so recently. (I took the liberty to share it here…I hope I’m not offending you Josh). I just feel your message clearly answers many questions regarding the type of blog/page Milkboys is, your original vision of it, and how it may contrast with what many of its visitors would want it to be or blatantly claim that it is.

  2. I didn’t even know Discord existed. But then, except for a few blogs and forums, I avoid “social media” like the plague. Naturally, I still use a flip phone as well.

  3. Glad u shared it as the blog is both thought provoking, reassuring and wise.

    I know 3 items is more than both ;)

  4. Yea well that doesn’t stop one being attacked on the chat for being attracted to younger guys tbh. The best years of milkboys were 10 years ago with a friendly, thriving board and reasonable chat.

    1. Post

      There are several people in the chat that share your attractions yet they have no trouble with anyone so that’s definitely not the problem here.

      But as I said in the comment that Dan quoted above, there are different ways of… presenting yourself. It’s about how you behave in a social setting like a chat. People will treat you the way you act. And you seem to be pretty aggressive towards people on a regular (i.e. daily) basis.

      Maybe you could try and work on that? Ignore people you don’t like, don’t get worked up over petty arguments and generally act with care and empathy. I’m sure you’d have a way better time.

      We didn’t have a board ten years ago btw :p

  5. I miss the older guys like you and Devil from the forum. Maybe you should join the chat then I’ll return.

  6. Hi, Guys,

    I am a fan of Milkboys for years.
    And, I check it almost everyday .
    However, the local gov.blocks the page recently.
    I couldn’t manage to log almost for a year.
    Recently, I found a way but I cant go on discord,
    What should I do? Can anybody help me about that please?
    I really got tired of gov’s blocks. I wanna move another country.
    I wanna love someone.
    I wish I could be open to my parents, friends and everybody.
    I am over eighteen but nothing changes.
    Waiting for your advice :/

    Robin (Nickname)

    1. Robin:

      Try using a few of those questions (simplified, possibly) in Google, Bing or another [Duckduckgo] and I’m sure you might find some reasonable answer. Also, try using a more secure browser — or even better, an O.S. such as Linux — and couple that with a more secure browser (you’ll need to learn some more things) like Tails, for example.

      This could take you a few months, depending on who you know that knows more than just using Windows or Mac OS.

      1. Dear Penboy,

        I am a follower of you, too. So, your response is really important to me. Thank you for your advice. I will immediately go for it and search the things you mentioned.

        I know some about VPNs and such thing, however, not accustomed to OSs like Linux and else, but I would like to and will try to learn.

        Thanks again.

        1. Robin:

          If you don’t know (yet) anything about Linux, you can get your feet wet and learn quite a bit if you download a Puppy Linux image (iso file). You can run it “live” from the CD/DVD or a USB stick (usually at least 4GB). Just do some searching for “instructions,” you can find many. Copy them into a text editor and use that to guide you.

          When you get more proficient in Linux, you can then double-boot with either what you’re using now and Linux by partitioning your local drive.

          When you’re ready for the big time, you might consider Qubes (Linux) — it’s the system that none other than Edward Snowden recommends for security. But, that will take you more time to learn — the learning curve can be strong — not for the lazy and faint of heart.

        2. Robin:

          I forgot something that you can learn Linux with — download “Elementary OS” [Linux] — it might be even easier than Puppy. I’ve very briefly tried it out and it looks and runs well — like a simplified but bug-free version of Windows (its style, but it’s pure Linux). It won’t take long to download and I think you might be happy with it to LEARN Linux.

          1. Dear Penboy,

            Thank you very much for such a detailed answer where you draw a clear pathway for me about where to start and how to further it.

            I will inform you later in the future about how I did. Thank you so much.


    1. Hi Mathyou,

      Thanks for your advice,
      I use VPN for many sites
      but some websites and Discord
      blocks when I connect with VPN.

      That’s why I feel very tired just to see some blogs.

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