America’s moving backwards: Homophobia on the Rise

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For the first time in four years, Americans are less accepting of queer people in a dangerous yet not wholly unexpected reversal of progress. GLAAD released the findings from its fourth annual Accelerating Acceptance report yesterday and they show that the attacks on the community by the Trump administration are having a real effect.

Less than half of non-LGBTQ adults, 49 percent, reported being “very” or “somewhat” comfortable with LGBTQ people across seven situations, down from 53 percent the previous year. Alarmingly, this is the first time the Accelerating Acceptance report has shown a decrease in acceptance for queer people.

Meanwhile 55 percent of queer adults reported that they experienced discrimination because of their sexual orientation or their gender identity, up 11 percentage points from the previous year.

30 percent of those polled said they would be uncomfortable to learn a family member is LGBTQ, up from 27 percent last year. 31 percent reported that they would be uncomfortable to have their child taught by an LGBTQ educator, up from 28 percent last year. 31 percent also said they would be uncomfortable to have an LGBTQ doctor, up from 28 percent the previous year.

“In the past year, there has been a swift and alarming erosion of acceptance which can only be fought by being visible and vocal,” said GLAAD president Sarah Kate Ellis. “This report puts numbers to the bias that too many LGBTQ Americans have recently experienced.”

The Trump administration has attacked the queer community in a number of ways in its first year, including an attempted ban on transgender soldiers, siding with those who wish to discriminate against us in employment, healthcare, and public services, ensuring a pride flag didn’t fly on federal property on National Coming Out Day, fired the remaining members of his HIV/AIDS council without explanation, and appointed anti-LGBTQ lawmaker Sam Brownback to lead as the “religious freedom” ambassador. He was confirmed yesterday, with a tie-breaking vote from Vice President Mike Pence. And that’s just a partial list.

You can read the full report on GLAAD’s website.

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    1. Nathan:

      You sound just like the millions who think [since the campaign and] now they can discriminate indiscriminately against any and all LGBT+ people just because you have a mentally ill president and an absolute religious lunatic as VP.

      Guess what? My prediction is that Trump will back off of this anti-LGBT+ crap that he’s dishing out now because he’s really scared now — Mueller’s now clipping at his heels and watch out for the blue wave coming November this year. He will be lucky to finish out his term and not end up in prison before 2020.

      Are you a Russian troll? You post like one.

    2. Why are you here? My guess is you are a sexually repressed gay man who never came to terms with his sexuality and is just filled with hate. You are probably also old, and if that case you are going to die first. So, I win.

    1. Unfortunately, it’s going to take us DECADES to recoup our previous status at the very least under Obama.

      But the repair won’t START until we get BOTH Trump and Pence OUT of our government.

    2. Trump is the best thing for America, this is exactly what the US needs right now! Before it gets better it has to be really, really bad. Thanks to Trump an actual Resistance is building up, you will get Sanders in 2020, an actual progressive that will be doing actual good things for you, like Medicare for All. Be thankful you don’t have to witness 8 years of Clinton and the strengthening of the neo-liberal Wall Street bullshit party, be happy about that! Yes, it’s bad for the moment, but WTF do you believe Clinton would be doing right now? Starting a war with Russia over a no-fly zone? You really voted for that corrupt bitch? But in your world Obama is perceived as a good president, so what ever…

      1. A sensible political commentary on MB, whatever next?
        You’re right on Brown jebus too, he had more people killed by remote control than dubya, yet in the eyes of the libtards could do no wrong.

        1. Marvin: “Yes, it’s bad for the moment, but WTF do you believe Clinton would be doing right now? Starting a war with Russia over a no-fly zone? You really voted for that corrupt bitch?

          Harry: “A sensible political commentary on MB, whatever next?”

          Stupid says as stupid is.

          1. So, what is your problem with my super sensible political commentary?

  1. That the report doesn’t list a margin of error or confidence level in their methodology makes it suspect to begin with.

    With most of the changes reported being only 3-4%, they could quite easily be well with-in the margin of error, which would mean the report isn’t useful for anything other then manipulating the ignorant.

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