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  1. Handsome, tat-free, slender body, hot bubble butt, and a spunky, playful attitude. Boyhood at its sexy best. I’d love to see his mouthwatering package.

  2. Such a “Spring-Fresh” face and body …. going into the Summer swimming at the local river/lake/pond …. chasing Autumn’s cooling breeze and running through piles of fallen Oak or Maple leaves.

    Let’s hope he doesn’t succumb to a gluttonous eating habit, smoking or drinking — not just alcohol, but also those “energy”/caffeine drinks.

  3. That’s not fair. you butt lovers get all the fun. I want to see Rasmus’s Penis. flacid, semi and stiff. Preferably hanging out of my arse with his balls banging my hole. No more butt pics. Cock pics only until June. I bet I can’t wrap my fingers around him. “Drools as I fall on my knees before my Lord & Master”. He can bring the handcuffs and the truncheon. But not the new extending one. The old ones. mmm. I would like to see his helmet as well.

    1. If one had ever saved all your comments you’ve made in milkboys, he would have one doozy of a porn story. :-)

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