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    1. Just how big of an ass do you like/want, anyway?

      Bikinis look terrible on fat asses no matter how large the front “package.”

      1. I’m the absolute opposite of the big-booty brigade, but to me this photo makes the kid’s tush look flat. Just as it makes his legs look 24″ long and his feet like the tops of bowling pins. I’m sure the kids is gorgeous, but I find the photo terrible.

  1. I think that arse belongs to a South African Tumblr boi. His name may be Kaleb but I am not sure, he posts a lot of nude pix but the ones I have are on an old PC that’s drive is temporarily unavailable.k

    1. Did you mean Kyle Sanford? That’s who came to mind for me, not sure why, and he is from South Africa. AFAIK he hasn’t posted in a year.

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