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  1. Euro boys I presume. Nice, but ditch the boxers! Could use a bit of a workout for the upper chest. But, nice smooth, non-washboard tummies. And at least their hair isn’t too short.

    1. Goodness! Don’t mention the boxers, you’ll only encourage them. That’s how it works, you know, there’s this tendency to go in opposite directions from one generation to the next.

  2. Yea, nice to get another boat picture, even though the last one (Wonderwear Wednesday 10) was somewhat better. More sailing boat boys! :)

  3. They look about 16. Are they cousins? They are gorgeous. Is it wrong for me at 28 to want to wrap my legs around their backs and enjoy the ride… to speak?

    Sex on legs.

      1. They would be the ones who would be in control, the givers, the active, the dominant, the butch. I would be their bitch. I would love to be penetrated again by a 16 year old. It’s been over a year…, ok, he had just turned 17. God he was hung like a horse. I’d suck and take older teen cock at the drop of a hat. I’m a total femme boy.

  4. the boy in the front…omg those shoulders and collar bones, breath taking
    can you imagine these beauties getting killed in a terrorist attack while celebrating Fourth of July?

    more than 60 killed in Nice, France on their Fourteenth of July….

    what are we heading for?

    1. “what are we heading for?”

      World War III — It’s just not declared as such … YET.

        1. What was done yesterday was so gut wrenchingly, obscenely cruel, it beggars belief.
          The raison d’être is that they want us to drive their religious brethren from Europe and thus bring on their end of days scenario
          For this at least ten children were murdered under the wheels of a truck last night and there are several more likely to die.

          Growing up in the 1970’s we had the ira running amok and so I can became somewhat inured to violence but the thought of what those poor people had to endure actually made me cry.

          1. Hear hear. Never a truer word has been said. IF there is/was a hell, (theoretically at least, bear with me), then I hope that bastard is there with a red hot poker up his arse. But of course he is out of it, like all his innocent victims. Poor folks.

            Allah/God/Jehovah you have a lot to answer for. The Old Testament? A novel dripping in hate and blood.

      1. As I write this:

        In Turkey, right now, their military has declared a coup d’etat against President Erdogan citing concerns about rising theocratic rule and increased terrorism. They have declared martial law and a curfew would be imposed in the country.

        1. I don’t know whats worse, being ruled by the military, being ruled by a single party state, or being ruled by madmen who talk to the invisible man, and who talk to them back?

          Time to get back to bed. I’ve been up an hour and slept since 8. Have to feed my pussies first. Got salmon trimmings for them. Both my cats are boypuussies. lol. They will be smelling of fish right now.

          1. “I don’t know whats worse, being ruled by the military, being ruled by a single party state, or being ruled by madmen who talk to the invisible man, and who talk to them back?”

            In religious controlled states (primarily islam, but others as well), those 3 situations are basically the same thing, meaning the military usually back up the single party and/or madman or back up each other.

            I’m truly disappointed that the military didn’t win out in the coup d’etat attempt this time. I was hoping the military would put Turkey back on a [somewhat] democratic rule as it used to be … and similar to what Egypt has been trying to accomplish these last 2 years or so.

            And I was hoping this could be the start (albeit slowly, of course) of a domino effect throughout the region. Unfortunately, not this time.

  5. Oh wow! I think both are incredibly attractive, very handsome with their swimsuits fitting well. It looks like they were having a great time on the water. I’m too fearful of the ocean and boats in general to have enjoyed myself if we were to trade places! Great picture, thanks for sharing.

  6. Now these too cute boys look like twins they are so cute Tummy Tuesday17 these boys look so good when I saw this picture I could not pass bye without giving them a good compliment

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