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  1. I absolutely love pictures that seem so natural. With out a raging hard erection, or someone posing a kiss, the who picture seems natural and beautiful.

  2. How come I’m not looking at his tummy? I’d love to suck that hard all the way to his balls and slurp and swallow his seed. I love cock.

  3. Very cute (and do an Intertube search for the photog Kathy Tackett, good stuff), but I’ve never been into guys – even nuclear hot guys – with face hardware or ear “plugs”. Nice lips, but not kissin’ that, junior, take them out if you want to sleep in MY bed…

  4. Well the fact that he’s photographed by a woman would make Germaine Greer happy. Glad it is Kathy Tackett the photographer and not Kathleen Tackett the intolerable feminist.

  5. Now this cute boy Tammy Tuesday15 I think he is so cute he’s nice and naked he has a nice penis I would love to have his penis I can see why he would want to show off his nice penis how to love have some expecially his

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