Simon says Goodbye to his Foreskin

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Simon says Goodbye to his Foreskin”—a title as straightforward as this comedy’s charm. Twelve-year-old Simon Grünberg approaches his Bar Mitzvah in the midst of his parents’ marital separation. His recently observant Jewish father advocates for his circumcision, seeing the significance of his son’s covenant with God as a non-negotiable rite of passage. His mother, a fiery and headstrong erotica author, finds this appalling and refuses to subject her son to circumcision for the sake of pious rules. Simon, for lack of a better term, is torn.

To complicate matters, Simon’s new Rabbi, Rebecca (Catherine De Léan), is a warm, beautiful, intelligent woman—and he’s not the only one who notices. With well-meaning strategic help from his buddies Ben and Clemens, Simon sets off to win her heart before his father can. When an especially intimate tactic (that drew groans of all kinds from its North American Premiere audience) becomes public fodder for a private feud, Simon considers more drastic measures. His desperation to attract a first love twenty years his senior drives him to bond with God on his own terms.

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  1. 😘Love boys with long hair, glad they’re not thinking about cutting that!
    Looks like it’d be a really unique film.

  2. With the [generally] high intelligence of the “jewish” community, I’m surprised they released this film with the absolutely stupid style of subtitles. It’s incredibly difficult to read at the speed of the conversation/film and there’s no way to pause anything in a theatre.

    And since English-speaking America is [arguably] the highest population of jews of any country (including Israel), this is no small matter.

    Otherwise, this looks like an interesting film.

  3. I like that this film actually brings up the idea that boys might have an opinion about their own bodies and want a say in what happens to it! A very controversial idea that creates a lot of anger when people bring up the point. So I am happy to see a film that focuses on it so directly!

    As a community we champion causes like consent in terms of sex, ideas of bodily autonomy for reproductive rights, and support issues related to trans rights that spread to a host of issues related to gender, and right to control your own body.

    Yet the dirty little secret in English speaking Western countries (especially) is we throw out all those moral values when it comes to infant/boy circumcision. Even in countries where its not regularly practiced, circumcision on boys is still allowed.

    Take this boy for example, if it wasn’t for his Mother, he would be forced to argue for his right to keep part of his penis against two adults and an entire religious community. And this is a scenario many First World nations deem entirely acceptable.

    We must end forced genital modifications on boys NOT because there is anything wrong with body modification. But because more often than not minors don’t have the skill set, or life experience, or understanding to defend their own agency against cultural pressure, or literally physically forced acts.

    This is an LGBTQ issue as much as any other- its a Human Rights issue. And we should stop this bullshit.

    1. Was circumcised at 22 years old. Best thing I ever did. chose to do it. Didn’t have to. Was the best thing I’ve done. Healthier. Improved sex life. Don’t mock it till you’ve tried it!

      1. Like I said in my post. I have no problem with circumcision, tattoos, or any kind of body mods. The problem here is when you force body modification on children. Literally force of cultural manipulation.

        “Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!*”

        I was circumcised as a very young boy. So I have “tried it” and unlike you it was one of the most dehumanizing things ever done to me.

        Why do you think we think so differently? Because you took part in empowering act of self expression. While I had someone treat my body like it was theirs and removed part of my dick. You had a CHOICE.

        Your life experience is a perfect example for why circumcision should be illegal to perform on minors. Its pretty logical actually, people are happier about stuff when its not forced on them.

        “unneeded forced surgery” doesn’t bring to mind happy thoughts.

  4. “Yet the dirty little secret … is we throw out all those moral values when it comes to infant/boy circumcision.”
    Not only is that part true, ignorant parents force this on either their new-born babies, or later around 7-8 years old and even around 11-13 years old, depending on the society, it’s “religions,” and/or their ‘abilities/costs’ to do so. There are literally hundreds of both still pictures and videos of circumcision being forced on these ‘older’ boys as well as their babies en masse in either hospitals, clinics, homes and even in “garages” or in the wild along streams, or whatever.

    I have personally witnessed examples of the worst circumcisions ever (and still have the penis “intact”). One young Filipino (he was around 22 at the time) still had his foreskin “attached” and was hanging down from his penis for around 4 inches and he was going through every-day life like that with never any thought of having it completely removed — as it was obvious it wouldn’t “grow back.”

    “in English speaking Western countries (especially)”
    It’s also very popular with the islam “religion” as well:

    “Although it is not explicitly mentioned in the Quran (early 7th century CE), circumcision is considered essential to Islam, and it is nearly universally performed among Muslims. The practice of circumcision spread across the Middle East, North Africa, and Southern Europe with Islam.”

    And let’s not forget that every jewish family has it done on their child.

    “Even in countries where its not regularly practiced, circumcision on boys is still allowed.”
    Yes, and those societies have never publicly come out against it, and appears to never will, either.

  5. Hadn’t it been for feminism everyone would have called it genital mutilation. So, now, everyone repeat after me: “females are circumcised; boys are genitally mutilated”. Let’s help boys and make feminists angry at the same time. Next year in no-feminism.

    1. Actually Feminism is very much AGAINST male circumcision. Gloria Steinem, pretty much the modern founder of Feminist Theory is quoted as saying :

      “On male circumcision, she commented, “These patriarchal controls limit men’s sexuality too … That’s why men are asked symbolically to submit the sexual part of themselves and their sons to patriarchal authority, which seems to be the origin of male circumcision, a practice that, even as advocates admit, is medically unnecessary 90% of the time. Speaking for myself, I stand with many brothers in eliminating that practice too.”[105]”

      1. Thank’s for the mansplaining. I’m sure a few feminists are against it. I’m sure they consider it almost as bad as manspreading.

        As for that white male habit of quoting ideologues, I think it’s time you check your privilege.

        1. I get what you are trying to do. But there is a difference between “tumblr feminists”- who probably never cracked a gender theory book in their lives, or have done any in-depth study on what Feminism actually is. And ACTUAL Feminists- people who are not anti men, or anti women, don’t use dumbed down phrases like “mansplaining” because they more concerned with removal outdated cultural constructions that limit human free will and equality.

          While “tumblr feminists” abuse Feminism as a shield to resolve their own emotional baggage.

          1. Haven’t heard of those tumblr feminists you’re referring to. I’m talking about leading feminists, who’re writing feminist books, leading feminist organisations and political parties, giving feminist talks and organising feminist demonstrations.

  6. Due to a persistent skin problem I was circumcised two years ago. (In the U.K.) So majorly pissed off about it too. The result is quite OK but I’d rather have not found it necessary.
    As long as people wish to have piercings, tattoos and plastic surgery then no one can argue against non-medical circumcision.
    The problem is not circumcision but actually the total disregard of the rights of a child.

    Quite horrific. Parents, religious pundits and whoever. Politicians, doctors and lawyers. Anyone who supports, even demands the right to engage in an act of non-medical circumcision of any person under the age of 18 is simply a nasty Fu***wit.
    Despicable indeed.

    1. “The problem is not circumcision but actually the total disregard of the rights of a child.”

      No, circumcision is most definitely the problem:

      According to [just one source] www[]circinfo[]org, there are over 100 deaths per year in the USA alone. All because of incompetence. And some of these incompetents are jewish mohels who just don’t know what they are doing and/or do it in a very unsafe way. Who knows how many die in ‘third world countries’ because of incompetence? There’s an article on the web about 300 Philippines boys undergo mass circumcision on school tables. I wonder just how many deaths over there because of it.

      According to [just one source] wwww[]catholicsagainstcircumcision[]org there are numerous painful results from incompetent circumcision.

      Growing up circumcised in a society where most boys are not, causes mental and emotional problems with circumcised boys. While in some countries (like the USA) it’s quite often the total opposite, there’s still humiliation exposing (for any reason) their penis around the “norm” of boys who aren’t circumcised by society’s customs. I just gave another reason for humiliation for an adult who never sought out any correction — which could have been done in a doctor’s office.

      Go to: www[]cirp[]org for an expanding list of why circumcision is the problem.

      Phimosis is the one true argument in favor of circumcision.

  7. If you were lucky and born a boy,
    Intact with a fabulous penis toy,
    Beware the surgeon your protection to snip,
    And wreck the ecstasy in the tip.

  8. This looks like an interesting movie. But I noticed 2 things with this trailer:

    1. I know this is ONLY a trailer, but seriously think they neglected probably the most important question (in 3 parts) this boy should have asked his parents (and rabbi, etc):

    “HOW/WHY is the foreskin any ‘covenant’ with ‘god’?”; “What the fuck is a ‘god’ going to do with all the foreskins of the world?” and “If the foreskins are actually thrown away, then it’s obvious that there really is NO ‘covenant’ with any ‘god’ and all this is pure bullshit.”

    2. “Religions” rely on not receiving any backlash: raised voices, direct questions when they put out their constant bullshit to particular children, but also all the adults they can attempt to brainwash. When the boy says [0:14], “I can decide for myself. This is MY penis!” — That’s the backlash churches/”religions” don’t want to deal with — especially from children as they are more likely to grow up independent and not just question all this “god” bullshit, but also probably more likely to be atheists as well.

    Churches can’t handle that — that’s why they either back off immediately, or go into their reserve, “calm voice” to those questioning attempting to “settle them down” and then later, start up with their bullshit again.

    I experienced that, with both the catholic church and southern baptist church before I was 14-1/2 … then again after I was 16-1/2 with the southern baptist church in the private boarding school I attended. I became very vocal against them and their ways after I returned from attending a “jesus camp” [it was referred to as a “christian retreat” by them at that time]. No, it wasn’t as bad as the documentary by that name, but only because they knew they had to “toe the line” because they were accepting Federal Tax Dollars during this time and had to abide by certain restrictions to be able to collect it — and one of the main benefits of that was they were forced to teach evolution in Biology during 9th and/or 10th grades.

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