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  1. daveboy Canada

    Three men in a tub
    And who do you think they were?
    The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker
    and later on the maid

  2. Penboy United States

    As Dan said, a nice, fun video.

    Three horny boys in a tub.
    Slipping and slopping around getting wet,
    And who joins them?
    A busty girl who is better at being just a pillow,
    watching how boys have fun with other boys.

  3. Penboy United States

    Off Topic:

    I thought I’d share some information for any of you who are following The Fosters TV Series:

    The Fosters, Season 3 will premiere June 8 at 8 PM (7 PM Central) on ABC Family channel.

    1. The Fosters’ Hayden Byerly & Gavin MacIntosh with Exec Prod Peter Paige and Bradley Bredeweg

    2. The Fosters Cast Teases Season 3, Jonnor & New Love Interests

    …….. and a really cute talk by Hayden Byerly about his acting:

    3. Hayden Byerly from ABC Family’s “The Fosters”

  4. Gavin United Kingdom

    Video deleted … And WTF is pen boy waffling on about and nothing to do with this post ????????????????

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