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One of the biggest influences in the early years of milkboys was Destroyer, a glamorous magazine that was maybe the most (in)famous project in a long line of inspirational and controversy-sparking endeavours by Karl.

Destroyer was discontinued a few years ago but Karl wasn’t done poking and testing the borders of our ideas about sex, youth and morality. Among other things he published what was, as far as I know, the first uncensored and translated shota comic in Europe for example.


Now he’s back with a new project: The Lover is the sequel to Destroyer – a magazine with political, cultural and photo features on everything about the boy. Karl explains what’s behind the name:

“A lover is someone who loves. It can be important to remember that when getting lost in the jungle of paragraphs regulating what expressions our love lives are allowed to take; sexual politics demand the presence of a lover, be it for a lifetime or for five minutes in a dark alley. Without a lover, no intimate human relations to regulate.”


The Lover has just come out with its second issue. You can find it at the Eisenherz bookstore in Berlin or in the webshop (where also back issues of Destroyer can be bought).

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  1. You’re back! That was shorter than I expected. I guess someone learned how to spend his money more frugally. :-)

  2. I fear it is not safe to order something from Destroyer and tell them own address. The publisher was earlier for suspicions investigated, Can you disprove it?

  3. Hmmmm…. no obvious reference in there concerning the price for delivery to the USA. Anyone know what their system, if any, is for that?

  4. Perhaps this is a late reply. I meet Destroyer, and the purveyor, at back in 2006 or so. How I meet I cannot say. I am in instant love. I have so little money I cannot fathom why he bothers with me. But he says ok. I am USA and I use the US Postal service ( USPS ) which looks at every cd and dvd and any other mail from over seas since 2001. I actually get an empty envelope from him via USPS. I am not a Japanese cartoon lover but I do get a few of those things from him via email and USPS. I get every single other thing he offwers if I can afford it somehow. He tolerates me as a customer. If he is dangerous to comm, I am not yet aware of how it is dangerous. If he is dangerous to comm, I cannot figure how yet I am still ok. I owe him three dollars. Mis-payment. I will pay him soon. Oh, Western Union, bank transfer, and money order is what I use to pay for his offerings as I pay for all from him so far. I just this minute, honestly, cause I go to find out so I can confirm the address, I find out that he has something new for offer. I just run out of money at this midnight. Now it is almost 3am here. See what you make me do !!! Your Fault !!! Your Fault !!!!

  5. I do not know how to send the old destroyer stuff by email. In fact, I will not even try. I just now realize why. It is all for sale at and they and his editors can send whatever after your / anyone’s’ payments. There is a reality here. I still owe three dollars. have fun. 💕

  6. It’s amazing how people use religion and scripts to justify their own opinions. There are books and laws for everyone to get behind. People hold something up and wave it in your face. Times change though. MB, 5 years ago, asked not to post photos of boys under 15 because they did not want to turn into a BL site, or have people think it was one. Now with a long haul driving job I have been scarce for 3 years, I see upon return that 1/3 of the posts here are 14, 13 and some younger. I have enjoyed boyhood since I was one. I watch talent and skills used by all ages. “Coming of age” does not just start at 15 like the opening of a movie… there it is. It starts at birth and runs through generations of “Input” (as Johnny 5 would say).

    Everyone thinks they are right based on some information they hold up that matches their opinion. In the 50’s there was no laws on drinking and driving. Just like skippering a yacht, today you can have a beer in your hand at the helm. Until Bill Clinton, in Texas, you could have a beer in your hand in a car, except the driver. No one thought a thing about it. Each sovereign state makes their own laws according to their culture. Truck drivers would buy a six pack of beer and drink it while driving across Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. No one drunk too much and you have to remember that traffic was sparse back then. We made the laws against DUI because of two things. Drivers started drinking too much and getting buzzed instead of just popping one open for refreshment every other hour. AND traffic started to explode as more and more families hit the road for vacations and such. It became unsafe to drink. Now we act like it’s evil and a man drinking at the wheel is out to kill every pedestrian on the highway.

    This age of sexual consent thing is much the same. Too many people base their opinion on their own experience with out asking others what they think. Here again, each state gets to make their own law; taking the federal law into consideration. The federal law mandates AOC at 16. 11 States have kept it there. The rest have raised the AOC to 18. There is an exception to the rule if you are in three states. Louisiana says 16 unless you are married, then you can have sex with your wife at 14. I think the other 14 y/o states are Wisconsin and Hawaii, but don’t hold me to it. Still think the U.S. are still prudes? The strict laws regarding AOC and drinking are mostly modern and put in place by the Liberals, the people that love to regulate you while boasting they are looking out for your liberties.

    Most people $#!+ when they find out that before the temperance movement back before Prohibition, the Age of sexual consent was 10 years old. One crusader in the women’s groups got it raised to 16. Mexico is 15. I understand Denmark is 14; please correct me if I’m wrong. There are a few South American countries that say as young as 12, but you better love them and take care of them and IF you step out of line or the young lady complains then you can be charged with Child Rape just the same. In these countries the whole village knows everyone else and knows their true character and the dude is pretty well vetted by the village.

    What I find repulsive is that the UN wants Japan to stop cartoons while no one cares about the Middle East. American solders returning from Afghanistan are telling stories of Afgan officers celebrating in the streets and when they get a little sauced, grabbing a street boy of 11 or 12 and raping them right there in the street… or at least in a dark alley. The Americans, sickened by this, are told that it’s not our business, and it’s their culture and shit. They are not to interfere; just look the other way. Really? Is that what civilization is supposed to do? Turn it’s eye on Animals?

    No wonder Isil is taking over. Civilization now thinks it’s okay to allow gang rape on youth. Maybe letting Isil kill in mass numbers and raping boys and girls is a way to depopulate the earth. There is a strange sickness coming over the face of the earth… and it’s not Love or Loving or young people having consensual sex. Nor is it cartoons depicting rough sex. A little fantasy is what keeps people in check sometimes. Total prohibition only fuels underground black market and a real trafficking trade.

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