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  1. Interesting narrative and I can agree with most of it. But I also agree with those reviews of “Newt” — primarily because of a poor story and execution of it. He would have been much better in a better story. I saw that movie and was totally disappointed. I couldn’t wait to get out of the theatre (Br). I mostly enjoyed every Harry Potter movie but, as with so many American movies, they fall down in the last third of the story — either because of the story itself, or a typical Director’s “vision” [or lack of?] and their reliance on way too much special effects because the story is lacking of substance. I’ve always said, “Hollywood” can be great for making the beginning and the middle of a movie, but choke up during the ending relying too much on “gee-whiz” visuals as a substitute for real story.

    Anyway, for me, the failure of “Newt” is because of a faulty story and in a better environment, he might show himself to be a “better leading man.”

  2. It’s not Newt Scamander as much as Eddie Redmayne, who depicted this attractive fragile masculinity since his earliest movies like The Yellow Handkerchief, the first time I discovered Eddie. That’s what makes him so precious in the movie land. Go watch the excellent series Pillars of the Earth too.

    I really don’t understand why the Wachowskis figured him as a villain in Jupiter Ascending, it sorts of ruined the movie for me. In a way, he is also a very atypical villain, shouting from the top of his whispering voice and moving suddenly and unpredictably like a slug or a sloth… ;)

  3. Newt Scamander is the eternal 8th grade boy – and a typical one as well. Like most, he’s very good at a thing or two, but being still inexperienced with his coming of age, not yet too confident socially. Like most young people he’s friendly and idealistic, and like most young teenage boys he’s downright adorable.

    We all knew a guy or two like him in school. He was smart, got good grades, was always clean and decent, quiet but very busy and involved in lots of clubs and activities. And by the time he reached his sophomore year in high school he was very popular, and girls couldn’t wait to fuck him. And neither could I.

  4. Judging by the number of [other] comments, I gather that very few milkboys went to watch this movie … or this actor just isn’t a leading character in their minds — either by looks or ability.

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