The Coach

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Niels is a boy with nothing on his mind but handball. His coach, recognizing his great goal-keeping talent, takes special care of him. On the night of the qualification rounds for the final Danish championships, the coach throws a party for the whole team and lets Niels and his girlfriend Pernille use his bedroom, but Niels falls asleep and things take a surprising turn which puts Niels under pressure both on and off the field.

content warning: nudity, rape


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  1. The typical pedophilia / ephebophilia – boogeyman short-film… What courage it must have taken to make this…

      1. “Makes you also wonder what kind of parents would want their kids to play such roles.”

        I wouldn’t put it exactly that way, instead, I’d ask What is the impetus for not just parents, but the kids themselves to play these types of roles?

        Neither of them are forced into these roles.

  2. I like how open-ended the movie is, it will probably be shown at schools with a great follow-up debate. But for one such kid rape movie about coaches and teachers, there should probably be ten about priests and a hundred about family members…

    Not all “authority figures” abuse their position in such a disgusting way, but I am not surprised, when the top authority figure is grabbing women or teenage girls by their feline pet and has been rewarded for it by the general copulation.

    1. “it will probably be shown at schools with a great follow-up debate.”

      Not in religiously stupid America, that’s for damn sure.

  3. I was wondering when you might/would “pick up” on this video and maybe show it. I came across it several months ago. Interesting video that SHOULD generate some discussion.

      1. Really? Perhaps not rape rape, but this guy is a total loser. Doesn’t have the balls and courage to be open about his feelings and risk a no, instead just grabs him… And also he is the teacher, even if this were two adults this would not be alright, especially not in this way. That’s my feeling about that.

        1. Marvin:
          “Really? Perhaps not rape rape, but this guy is a total loser. ”

          Did we watch a different video? At best, this video is totally ambiguous [which I suspect is the reason for it]:

          HOW OLD WAS THIS STUDENT? The age of consent in Denmark is 15. He looks like he could be EITHER 14 or 15.

          First, we don’t know who performed the blowjob. You are only assuming the coach did it.

          Second, if the “second time” was even real why didn’t the student show ANY resistance? But the way it was ‘filmed’, this could very well have been a secret desire of the student to have the coach do this in a dream which AGAIN, why didn’t he show resistance if it were “forced”.

          Also, why wasn’t this reported if, in fact, it was the coach who did it [both] and FORCED?

          Let’s be clear, if the method of ‘filming’ this had been more absolute in the way you described, then of course, I would agree with you.

          1. Come on, do you really believe, if the director wanted to make a positiv “pedophile”-themed short movie that’s what he would have made? Yes, you can questioning things in the movie, but in the end the coach is clearly pictured as the asshole interfering in the confusing sexual feeling of a young boy.
            That’s why I commented:
            “The typical pedophilia / ephebophilia – boogeyman short-film… What courage it must have taken to make this…”
            The director toke no courage, if he actually wanted to raise questions he did it the most stupid way. No one “normal” is watching this and thinks “the boy wanted it”… no, they will see it and think “oh shit, I should look more closely at the coach of my kid”. And the director know that… that’s how I see it.

  4. What I have found prevalent among gay stories/”news items” is that someone has been “tricked” into receiving some pleasurable sexual act by a male “thinking/reacting” as if it were a female. This is now popular as a “bait” technique — in gay porn, it’s ALWAYS a gay/bi male pretending to be “straight and therefore shocked”.

    But the reality is far from that. Take this story: a young teen has a girlfriend that he has kissed often (including French-kissing). While there certainly are exceptions, how is it that he doesn’t know the feeling of a female either holding or sucking his penis? Far-fetched to believe he didn’t KNOW by feeling that it was a MALE not just sucking, but handling his penis. Again, with very few exceptions, the receiver will ALWAYS KNOW in his mind whether it’s a male or female providing him with sexual pleasure.

    And to the “rape” aspect? Why didn’t he STOP (or at least attempt to stop): 1) the blowjob since in reality he KNEW it was a male … and 2) the handjob at the end (which was either a DREAM OF DESIRE … or … it did happen and HE ENJOYED IT)?

    Yes, I KNOW it was just part of the story — to make a young male a “constant victim” of “rape” so as to evoke at least sympathy if not empathy for the male. And it was, to a smaller degree, to indicate that a male just entering puberty is not as sexual as an adult male which is hardly the case in reality.

    You can argue that this represents art following reality or is it “reality” following a implicit art?

    1. So you do understand that this movie is total bullshit?! The maker of this doesn’t give a shit about your interpretation. You could have a boy who says he liked it, he loves the person, or what ever, and the reaction would be “Oh poor boy, he is so traumatized that he has to make himself feel better about what happened, so he lives in this fabricated lie, as a protection mechanism”. That is the reality you are facing, how on earth can you then think, this short-movie is a positive thing for your course?

  5. What you guys don’t seem to be understanding is that the boy in the end is paralyzed with fear. Your victim blaming by saying ” why didn’t he stop it” or “well he didn’t say no”. Are you serious? Your construing it as “oh maybe it’s his sexual fantasy”. Even if it was, since when is it okay to go up to someone in the middle of the night and start touching their body, let alone their genitalia, without their consent. When they’re not even conscious. And those getting offended because the rapist is his coach must never of heard of the MANY coaches in the United States alone that used their status and authority to molest children for years. On trips exactly like this. And for those of you saying “this isn’t rape” have clearly a warped reality of what rape is. Maybe this is your fantasy so you feel attacked. As a man who was repeatedly raped as a child I understand exactly what that kid is feeling when you see his eyes in the last few minutes.

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