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  1. Another “oldie” from your archive. This is nice, but can’t/won’t you find some new material? It abounds on the Internet with even a slight amount of searching (or not — just use News material).

    And maybe search “out of the box” — like the very recent “celebration” in Taiwan when their Court ruled same-sex marriage legal — they just need to make a law for it. Interesting in Taiwan — They have a legal concept interpreted by their Court before making a law for it, thereby avoiding the in-fighting of their people — unlike in America where a law quite often must be interpreted to be legal after making a law.

    1. Actually, I think I remember there IS one …. from the last posting someone offered a 2nd link.

  2. I always get the feeling these guys are British (like me)
    Which makes me kind of GRRRrrrrrrrrr……

    All the stuff I couldn’t have at their age..

    Pissed off much at times to think of it….

    I knew two boys similar to mister lefty. I often think back to one in particular and truly believe he was hot for me as I was mega hot for him – all the signalling we made… LOL — but both nervous to make a move. Sigh…..

    He’s just retired this year as Chief Executive of a major corporation. Wife plus kids… Oh Well that’s life.

  3. These two boys are really cute I think , anybody can look at them and see how cute they really are, they look good together, I’m glad they’re kissing in front of people and not wearing about what other people think or say, I wish they were my friends, I would be kissing them making out with them hugging them and holding them.

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