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  1. Another “oldie” from your archive. This is nice, but can’t/won’t you find some new material? It abounds on the Internet with even a slight amount of searching (or not — just use News material).

    And maybe search “out of the box” — like the very recent “celebration” in Taiwan when their Court ruled same-sex marriage legal — they just need to make a law for it. Interesting in Taiwan — They have a legal concept interpreted by their Court before making a law for it, thereby avoiding the in-fighting of their people — unlike in America where a law quite often must be interpreted to be legal after making a law.

    1. Actually, I think I remember there IS one …. from the last posting someone offered a 2nd link.

  2. I always get the feeling these guys are British (like me)
    Which makes me kind of GRRRrrrrrrrrr……

    All the stuff I couldn’t have at their age..

    Pissed off much at times to think of it….

    I knew two boys similar to mister lefty. I often think back to one in particular and truly believe he was hot for me as I was mega hot for him – all the signalling we made… LOL — but both nervous to make a move. Sigh…..

    He’s just retired this year as Chief Executive of a major corporation. Wife plus kids… Oh Well that’s life.

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