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      1. ” ‘Scatterbrain’ has some nice photos, too.”

        Yes he does. 3rd photo down: Is this the result of a “scatterbrain”?

        And next-to-last photo down: Great photo of what [one might think] is a “spray deodorant” [although I haven’t seen deodorant anything like that in a very long time] being utilized along with the ‘aptly’ named undies: DIRTY. Good humor.

    1. “Or hyped-up because of the “Monster” drink?”
      👴🏼That stuff runs right through me like cheap weak tea but today’s youth seem to love it. Me personally I’ll stay with my plain black, dark coffee. Buzz up gents!
      😘They are cute together no matter what they’re drinking…

  1. The one in the jean jacket kind of looks like a young Ludicolo…. could just be a faulty memory on my part though. I stopped watching his vids when he developed the dark rings around his eyes that comes with constant drug use.

      1. A guy that used to do videos on X-tube…. I think he occasionally still releases them. He was beautiful when he first started, but over time it became rather obvious that he was using drugs fairly heavily from his appearance and his vids became slutty rather then arousing.

        I’ll see if I can find a link to one of his old vids.

        1. Unfortunately, it looks like he’s moved most of the good vids which were previously free, including the one I was hoping to link to, to a new screen name on the site that requires payment to view the vids.

          This is one of the last solo vids he did and has mostly the same feel as the one I’d hoped to use. Fair warning that it’s very NSFW:

          After this his vids went to being straight up raunchy and just shy of gang-bangs. Not to mention the drugged out look he developed….

  2. I think they are really cute boys, I can’t tell rather not if the one boy is giving the other boy and kiss, or rather he is telling some kind of secret in his ear, but I guess it doesn’t matter these two boys look really good, I would love to have them as my friend.

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