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  1. ❦Most lovely… Have had in my album for quite awhile. Even if part of it may be false I still see my own truth, don’t we all occasionally?

      1. @Capt Proton
        ~Oh the picture is real enough but since it was taken in Russia and I couldn’t confirm by further research or images the sex of one of the models I’ve decided that both are male and just perfect as is!

  2. It’s from a series of pictures entitled “Avec-Toi” by Danish photographer, Jacob Aue Sobol.

    This must be the lowest definition image out there, a quick giggle will give various better copies.

    1. @Kinkynik
      👿Screw Google… Use Yandex!
      ~Like you but don’t trust Google fer nuthing!

      1. As appalling as giggle is, I’m buggered if I find the Ruskies any less atrocious: but that’s (Only) the Dead Dreams of the Cold War Kid.

        Anyway I have shares in giggle.

  3. Check out Martin Jan van Santen’s paintings. I found them while tracking down this photographer, Jacob Aue Sobol’s, work.

  4. 💞Naaah it’s always been boys, two adorable boys in love!
    Everybody says… See what I meant now?

  5. The bottom figure looks a bit like a young Elvis. An old friend of mine from childhood who is a Drag Queen sung these words to an old Elvis tune in a gay bar. s/he was always given a standing ovation.

    “Are you lonesome tonight?”
    “Does your cock smell of shite?”
    “Are you sorry, you made my arse fart?”
    “Are you horny & gay, in this nice month of May?”
    “Do you fuck me, and call me a tart?”
    “Does the hairs up my arsehole smell shitty & gay?”
    “Do you picture me kneeling & not just to pray?”
    “Is your cock hard again?”
    “Did I just make you “came”?”
    “Darling dear, are you lonesome tonight?”

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