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        1. @Graziano Did you miss when nik said “TRANSitioning” ?

          So she used to be a boy. now she’s a girl. Judging from the extremely revealing images on her instagram, she transitioned all the way. no more boy parts.

  1. You should see what they both look like now. The younger one is now a girl and the older one is a bearded Indian looking Mexican with a receding hairline.

  2. transistors work with radio electronics and only work with that. if you want your dick cut, the tip, the full, just half, or otherwise partial, let me do the cutting. I will try to love you first. I do not like females playing the male nor males playing the female. does not any one ever hear about female genital cuts. I do like boh’s but not females.

  3. Now this picture tender Tuesday12 this picture these two boys these boys are so cute I would love to have them as best friends they look like brothers but I am sure their friends I would love to be friends and see them everyday and do things with them together

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