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  1. Interesting. I can only imagine what someone on LSD might think or react while watching this … reminiscent of the psychological colors/ideas of the 60s and 70s.

  2. ❦Guess this could be called abstract, sensual, performance art? Saying that it’s really not my cup of tea, a bit too far out…
    Had he been able to cum rainbows I might have been a tad more impressed!😂

  3. Absolutely love it! The body as canvas is wonderful. I used to do prints where I would cover my body in ink or paint and then set myself down or roll onto large pieces of handmade paper. The results are quite abstract, but somehow people still found them “obscene.” This video has some of the same quality: abstraction and sensuality — but I’m sure many people would find it disturbing and/or “obscene.” I love this type of art!!!

    1. “All boys should be allowed to keep their foreskin.”

      Fine. Now, just HOW do boys who have been circumcised … you know, get it back? :-)

      1. there are various methods to stretch the remaining skin over time so that it resembles a foreskin, however the result will not have the nerve endings of the original and will at most add to the feeling of friction

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