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  1. Quite nice, thank you.

    But, is tattoothursday004b an intentional crop? Considering what’s being shown, that’s really stupid.

    1. Picture size and Logo position suggests: It is intentionally cropped like that.
      As said: stupid.
      An “ouch” to cut there … :)

    1. Best Google has to offer is that it is some sort of binary-coding sort of reference (something to to do with 10 bit numbers). Maybe he’s a computer nerd?

    2. Or, maybe it’s October, 1923 (10/23)?

      Historical Events for October 1923:

      British occuping army leaves Constantinople
      Edwin Hubble identifies Cepheid variable star
      2nd government of Stresemann in Germany forms
      USSR adopts experimental calendar
      Angora (Ankara) becomes Turkey’s capital
      John Harwood patents self-winding watch (Switzerland)
      1st planetarium opens at Deutsche Museum in Munich
      Gen. Otto von Lossow calls Reichswehr to Berlin to form a dictatorship
      Turkey declares independence (successor state to Ottoman Empire)
      160 consecutive days of 100°F begin at Marble Bar, Australia

  2. Being circumcised is not rhe end of the world for me but I loathe tattoos. Being that beautiful means you should not need cattle brands.

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