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Queer News Finland’s president signs marriage equality law Slovenia gay marriage bill passes its first hurdle Arkansas turns LGBT-discrimination into a law Oklahoma wants to punish people marrying gays Latvia considers gender neutral partnership law Kentucky senator proposes bounty on trans kids Other News UK is monitoring legally privileged communication Scientists discover new approach to blocking H.I.V. Canada’s surveillance bill …

Periodical Political Post *6

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Queer News Parliament in Macedonia votes to ban marriage equality Italy: majority opposed to gays adopting & marrying Fourth trans woman murdered in US just this year Slovakia referendum to strengthen gay marriage ban fails Swiss priest dismissed by bishop for blessing lesbian couple Other News Western Values I: France jails teen for Hebdo cartoon Western Values II: UK cops …

Periodical Political Post *5

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Queer News Portugal’s parliament votes down gay adoption Russian founder of queer teen support group fined Israel to allow sex changes on ID without surgery Lawmakers in Chile set to approve gay civil unions US government spent nearly $500k to study Grindr Other News UK debates bill allowing online spying without warrant UK web filters block websites of sex abuse charities …

Teasing Tuesday *1

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I never got around to watching any of Caspar Lee’s videos so hopefully someone in the comments can link to the source video. In the meantime, he has an interview with Troye Sivan, I’ll check that out… some day!   231   

Muslim Drag Queens: Bhangra, Bollywood & Bravery in Britain

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The Guardian has teamed up with writer Kieran Yates and director Marcus Plowright to produce a short documentary on the small but tight-knit community of London’s Muslim drag queens. At 12-minutes long, the film takes us behind-the-scenes as Ali, a gay Pakistani asylum-seeker, prepares to perform for the first time. “Ali fled Pakistan, where he was persecuted for being gay, …

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Queer News Austria lifts ban on adoption by same-sex couples US state of Virginia considers gay segregation bill Thailand’s constitution to recognize third gender India’s ruling party supports lifting gay sex ban Ex-Japan PM makes musical debut – in drag Other News UK PM wants US to help get rid of encryption Are all the terrorists Muslims? Not even close France …

Periodical Political Post *3

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Queer News Study: Gay couples have lower divorce rate than straights Russia bans transgender people from getting driving license Taiwan to allow gender change without surgery in a month Same-sex marriage is no longer banned in Vietnam US movie distributors hide gayness of British Pride film Other News UK wants to ban secure communication in WhatsApp & Co. US cops …