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What if we lived in a world where it was common, even expected, for boys to wear dresses? Meanwhile, girls don’t do theater, they try out for the football team. That’s exactly what the short film Stereo explores about gender stereotypes. 14-year-old Ella Fields made the film in the Cinematic Arts Academy at Millikan Middle School in Los Angeles last year.

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  1. Interesting idea, but this was mis-cast and never should have used American football as any “litmus test” — it causes brain damage and many other physical problems. No matter what clothes one wears, it can’t really hide the sexual make-up of reproduction. In “this [video] world” the girls obviously will still get pregnant — and football could seriously screw that up, medically.

    Again, interesting idea, but this girl doesn’t even look “tomboy [read: ‘butch’]” enough for a role such as this one. They [maybe] should have found a REAL tomboy girl and added a REAL effeminate boy for contrast to make the point of contact sports for girls. It lost its credibility through the casting of her.

  2. I get this was made by a middle schooler, which makes it impressive. But as a general film dealing with a very nuanced topic like gender and culture the film was laughably blunt and straight forward. Show, don’t tell should have been a message they focused on more.

    1. You have a profound sense of the obvious. Sadly, like ‘common sense,’ your well developed perception isn’t common amongst our community.

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