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  1. Cute Boy. I wonder: What year teh picture? (Because the short white shorts. Thank You.

  2. Love the way some boys just know how to wear shorts! It’s so sexy without being too much.

  3. Nice shorts! And white too!

    This LOOKS like a pic from the early 1980s when boys’ haircuts were getting noticeably shorter — coming to the end of the Disco Era (or maybe just a more conservative 1970’s look). When boys wore great boy-styles.

  4. ~Boys really didn’t start wearing those short ankle type socks till the 90’s to the best of my knowledge so it appears this boy is just one great flash back fashion plate😘!

    1. “short ankle type socks till the 90’s”

      You’re right and good catch. I didn’t think to look at his socks …. something else had my attention.

    1. Interesting, all 3 images have the same fault at the bottom of the picture. I suspect same camera.

  5. Looks most certainly a recent photo, maybe within the last 10 years but whatever, he sure is a tasty piece of eye candy.

    Maybe that delightful bulge is where he keeps his mobile :-)

    1. “Maybe that delightful bulge is where he keeps his mobile”

      I’m sure it’s quite mobile inside those shorts.

  6. He definitely fills his shorts very nicely from side and back. He evidently is in great shape from fine torso to wonderful bulging shorts, very admirable. I think he is excited as athletes in good health are liable to easily do. I note that he is tugging his shorts, perhaps to restrain his prominence somewhat. Maybe he is golfing and getting his woody ready? I can just not quite read his cap insignia.

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