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  1. There’s a full set of photos of this guy somewhere out there. The red color of his speedo is photoshop; they are actually just grey.

  2. These pics have been around for years. I wonder if he has maintained his hotness? Whenever I see these perennial-type of pics I always think I would like to see a current view. Then, I usually rethink it and am happy to keep the fantasy of his eternal youth caught by the camera in one moment of time.

  3. They are the best part of twelve years old, I have thought the same as George but the average 30 year old Californian has gained a fair bit of timber. I think Scott caught him at his very apogee, 16- 18 years old and as fit as fuck. He also has a beautiful smile, lovely hair, a perfect bum, I could rhapsodise about him ad infinitum.
    Because of their age the pix have been shopped and chopped countless times, I have posted a selection of the originals here;

    1. I imagine the final photo of him naked with just the ball covering his crotch is photo shopped, but exciting none the less. He really is (was) an American Apollo; those muscles are all natural and his “line” is proportional perfection. And, though there is no way of knowing just from these photos, he looks like wasn’t full of himself. Be still my heart, as we used to say.

  4. Truly beautiful!
    Innocent, happy and healthy.

    I’d put his age in this at 16 max . There’s a group photo somewhere around, and he is the smallest and youngest looking of them all. Assuming they’re a high school team, the eldest would be 18, and he’s clearly a lot younger than that.

    Strange that he’s never been identified (though some have made wild guesses). Does he know how much he’s admired, I wonder?

    1. I can’t find his name, but he belongs to the water polo team from Coronado High School which is on Coronado Island in the bay at San Diego, California.

      1. That’s interesting to know. Thank you, Chunky.

        As the pictures are some 10 years old, I seem to remember, he’ll be long graduated by now (and may have lost his looks, alas, too).

        Still a beautiful memory.

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