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  1. I know you don’t know this but this is one of Angel’s photographs and he has requested that it not be reposted elsewhere, obviously someone has betrayed his trust. If you could remove it, I am sure he would be grateful.

    1. How is it that YOU are the “legal spokesperson” for him (or any others)? You can’t even post a decent comment without stupidity … so how is it you THINK you know legalities?

      1. You are so pathetic, you are beyond redemption.

        I know where this picture was nicked from and on that forum it was made quite clear it was not to be reposted elsewhere but as usual some braindead seppo had to breach that trust.

        Capiche, motherfucker ?

        1. “You are so pathetic, you are beyond redemption. Capiche, motherfucker?”

          You continually prove the above is the full extent of your intelligence and so-limited education…….. and for a Brit, your country should ban you for being so stupid.

          Oh, and thanks so much for always proving my point — it takes so little energy for you to do this.

  2. Oh my, well anyway, The young man certainly takes good care of his body. You can see every muscle he has.

  3. And we have another Grand Prize Winner in the Genetics Clearinghouse Sweepstakes. Watch for the Prize Patrol van.

  4. I am in love and want him to want me. Not maybe possible. But you are all and all of you are going to go find him and tell him I beg for his touch if only for a moment and for his love for a life time, here and now. 😈 ♥ ♂

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