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  1. ❦Boy gymnasts are like baby pigeons you rarely get to see them but when you do… Wow! 😍

    1. You should haunt that site then Louis, it would take you weeks to plough through all the fit young men on it.

      Lovely pic, thanks Josh.

  2. Gorgeous. The only criticism — those shorts. Yeah, I know why, but still…..

    Looking at his face structure carefully, I wonder how he will “survive” with such cuteness going through and shortly after puberty. He has a rather high receding hair line.

    Also, nice ears too … smallish and with no perceived lobes — very nice.

    But, now. …. hubba, hubba!

    1. Penboy, you never fail to make me feel quite uncomfortable.
      You are a special snowflake I guess

  3. Beautiful boys are beautiful – with or without shorts!
    This young man makes my heart ache.

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