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  1. Wow, look at that long and flexible rod he has. In his hand of course. Hum, that sounded just as bad. LOL

    1. Ugh, that’s disgusting. Jeez, some of you people make me sick! I’ll have you know that’s a POLE! An ordinary #%$@&^$’n POLE… Not to be confused with anything sexual or dirty, eh? Just a very… uhm… well yea, nice slightly curved POLE. It’s obvious he’s a POLE JUMPER, not a ROD HANDLER. Well hmm, I suppose he could be a rod handler, but that would only be said by those UNINFORMED about pole jumping! Only fishermen handle rods, in order to get fish! To confuse this with ROD HANDLING IS JUST PLAIN WRONG for gawds sake! Jeezuz H Cripes, I don’t think he’s a professional rod handler (although I could be wrong).

      Get a grip, people. :/

  2. I can see that I was in track at the wrong time. We always wore baggy shorts that did not show anything. If you wanted to see what a guy was packing you had to hope you hit the showers with him at the right time. Very attractive young man.

  3. Good looking with no mistake showing he’s a male. :-) He now has his parents to ‘thank’ for noticing most peoples’ eyes looking down when they approach and/or speak to him. He’s probably thinking to those he talks to, “Hey, I’m up here, so how about rising your downward glaze?”

    1. No, because not everyone is as obsessed with other people’s dicks in any situation as you are.

    2. @Geno:
      “No, because not everyone is as obsessed with other people’s dicks in any situation as you are.”

      No — to what, exactly? What are you replying to? My only question, was to ask [you] to raise your glaze upward to [his] face. You don’t want to do that but instead, look at his bulge (or, what would you lie about looking at other than his obvious bulge)?

      “because not everyone is as obsessed with other people’s dicks …”
      I am neither more, nor less “obsessed with other people’s dicks” than you are, or any other gay male is, or any other who posted in this thread. I am no more obsessed with this than, say joshua, who posted this photo for a thread allowing all of our opinions. Why do you suppose joshua would post this photo in a teen, gay-friendly blog? Why did you click on this thread link instead of just being “satisfied” with only the cover photo?

      How about steppping from your personal lie about being not obsessed about it at least as much as the rest of us? Your reply to me proves this.

      Why did you post your “distaste” [sic] as a response to my comment, as opposed to, say, daveboy’s, above? He went on and on about his bulge (shape, size) that I didn’t even approach in the least, except to point out his “lucky genes”.

      You really need to learn how to reply to comments, or at least, show some “intelligence” when showing hate towards of the members of the blog. You really only showed your intense ignorance.


      This is the THIRD TIME this site has gone off-line IN THE MIDDLE OF MY POSTING. After 1 month!

  4. Only one word : D E L I C I O U S ! ! ! !
    Warm thanks to kinkynik for the mini-serie with maxi shapes!

  5. Your very cute and sexy. I am a bi-sexual 15 yr old male. I prefer guys thou. I like your uniform especially it shows your dick really good. You have a big one. Only if I was able to see it at its full length and your sweet little ass. Did I mention that I am crazy about blondes and red heads. Question is are you a true blond?

  6. You can vault your rod in me as often as you want. And I hope that is again, and again and again………

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