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  1. alex Spain

    Wow nice view!!! Kind of compensates for the last shitty post You know, there are gays that don’t really identify with the so called “lgbT” community. So please, stop linking us to those freaks Josh. Thanks

    1. Post
      1. alex Spain

        Fine. I’ll leave. This page has really become a meeting club for victimized freaks and Internet warriors.You guys really get what you deserve. I’m sure half of you are internet virgins who still live with their parents and spend all day self-piting.
        I happen to have both gay and straight friends in real life. You know how you get that? Not being a self-pity loser weirdo. Being a man and behaving like one.

        I know what you think of me, because people like you absolutely despise anyone who thinks in a different way of yours, but that’s on the internet of course, behind your computer. If anyone calls you a faggot in real life you wouldn’t even reply, because that’s what you are, self-pity losers, full with autocompasion.

        Any way, this is my advice, you can take it or not. Bye.

        1. Mike Germany

          – straying off the subject/red herrings? ☑
          – ad hominems? ☑
          – anecdotal “evidence”? ☑

          One could almost mistake you for a right-wing conservative if you hadn’t mentioned that you dig this kind of “view”. ;)

        2. Penboy United States

          “One could almost mistake you for a right-wing conservative if you hadn’t mentioned that you dig this kind of “view”. ;)”

          Believe me, many of those “right-wing conservative[s]” really do enjoy views like that above. Some will fuck whoever willingly comes along their path.

        3. wheatfields United States

          “I know what you think of me, because people like you absolutely despise anyone who thinks in a different way of yours…”

          Its funny you would say that when clearly thats already the way YOU think. How can you be so close minded to reject a whole section of the queer community because you think they are “freaks” when there are plenty of people already filled with hate, ready to call you the freak?

          This is community board, maybe you misunderstood its subject matter. Bur clearly you don’t belong here if you are calling the LGBT community freaks.

    2. It's only Me from Across the Sea United Kingdom

      While it is certainly true that Trans and LGB folk are not congruent, the issue of discrimination against both communities renders them sufficiently similar for each to support the other.

      It always saddens me when an LGBT person exhibits bigotry, though we are people, and we have our own prejudices. It is when those prejudices are expressed in a way such as this that we disqualify ourselves from having our voice heard further.

      You, Alex, could have apologised, could have asked that your ill judged post was deleted, but, instead, you let fly with other vitriol. That is just wholly inappropriate.

    3. daveboy Canada

      Alex, I have no idea where your anger originates from. There are millions of straight people who don’t identify with the gay community, but at least they’re accepting of us. I’m not transsexual and I don’t understand what it’s like to be one, but that doesn’t mean I cannot accept and support them for who they are. I rather think you have much more growing up to do before you can claim to be a mature man.

  2. George United States

    While Alex is bickering and deciding what someone else’s web page should be about I think I will head to the beach. Don’t think I will be lucky enough to witness a view like this, but it will still be nice in sunny Central Florida. Caio

  3. Bob United States

    At Ostia beach outside of Rome if you sat a little way behind any young guy sooner or later you would be certain to see him lift up the waistband of his swimsuit to check the hard-on he would invariably get. Ah, the good old days.

  4. Kevininbuffalo United States

    I’ve got about 3′ of snow in my front yard … I really appreciate your posting this! Reminds me that better days are coming!

    1. Fizzbin United States

      I second that. People walking the beaches here in Maine this weekend still dressed in full winter garb is a downer. Seeing these handsome pups in this picture is encouraging.

  5. Penboy United States

    “This was probably one of the BEST days to visit Black’s Beach!”

    I have some great Black’s Beach memories when it was considerably “freer” than it is today.

  6. Luca Switzerland

    update: Now i know… “Endless Sex Summer” but i must use search engines… on Helix no chance to find it…..

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