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  1. Where is this image from? Cant find it online anywhere? Anyone know location, name of guy or photographer?

      1. I’d say the haircut rules that out, but I’ve been known to be wrong before. Love Von Gloeden. Thanks for the site.

    1. You haven’t realised this site is primarily visited by pedo’s?

      Inb4 butthurt child lovers try to defend it :^)

    2. What are you talking about that guy is certainly post puberty. Maybe its confusing to you because he looks like an 18 year old who trims? And so he appears younger. But he is a perfect definition of a twink, young looking, almost no body hair, firm stomach, and sometimes blonde.

      But defiantly not a “child”.

  2. This is a pic from the late 60s or early 70s – you can tell from the tan lines that are indicative of the suits we wore back then, and from his smooth abdomen – these were the pre-six pack days.

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