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  1. What a slim and smooth beauty, beautiful back and sweet butt. Also his hair looks like he came fresh from the shower. And is there a hint of pubes? ^^
    Really nice and sensual, who would not like to be there with him and celebrate the start into a nude day? :-D

    1. “And is there a hint of pubes? ”

      Barely, but I doubt it — to my eyes. Looks more like a scratch in the paint under the window. (In that pic, anyway).

    1. “but have you seen Kenzo Shirai in Rio?”

      Not really “bad,” but I’ll pass on this one. Japan has millions of better samples to look at.

  2. This Skyclad Saturday boy is smokin’ hot, but, FYI, it’s Monday now. Time to move on and get caught up.

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