Shoma Uno

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The world of figure skating is a happy place for Japanese Bishōnen right now. While Yuzuru Hanyu is making it more than clear that he is determined to win the World Figure Skating Championships in Boston right now, another great talent is skating its way into the hearts of the fans…



Shoma Uno might still look somewhat small next to Hanyu and his style is not yet as refined but he’s not only visibly excited to be on the ice, he’s also quite exciting to watch as you can see in the videos below.

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    1. Why would you think Japanese are “short-changed” in that area …. more than any other nationality?

      1. Post
        1. Has anyone seen “enough” Japanese porn … either gay OR straight? Many Japanese are just as well endowed as most others (OK, well, maybe not in some of Africa or South America ….).

          And Japanese can show some of the kinkiest sex …. particularly the ones involving food …. gives sashimi another meaning (and let’s not forget the seaweed topping)!

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