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    1. “Gay”

      Yes, I’m sure they were quite happy doing this.

      Btw, I wonder if anyone who comes here knows the true, historical reason why homosexuals are called “gay” today?

  1. So kawaii, these odorite used to do musume.

    English: So cute: These “dancers posting their videos on the niconico web site” (all that translates as “odorite” ) used to cover songs from the Morning Musume 17′ (Daughters of the Morning) all-girls band (MeseMoa used to be called Morning Musumen, nice pun), now they seem to have their own original songs. They start strong with their first album…

    1. You forgot “kawaii”: Japanese colloquially for “adorable”, “cute”, or”lovable”. Also very popularly used in Hawaii, no matter the ethnicity. Also in Asian-Gay “cliques.”

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