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  1. Very nice and cuddly …. but I always think, to see such nice bodies, it’s even better when there’s faces shown … you know, to show their emotional feelings in such a situation, even if it’s only an “Ahhhhh.” :-)

        1. going by the repeated posts in there, they are probably the blog owner and his long haired blond friend ;)

          1. Yes, I got the same impression and probably added a select few of his closest “girlfriends”. (I’m teasing with that, of course.)

  2. Beautiful! The camerawork reminds me a bit of Milo’s pictures. (Soft, gentle, the lighting)
    Anyone know what ever did happen to his tumblr?
    I liked to peruse it often :)

  3. Beautiful feet, long slender legs, nice dicks. All that creamy smooth skin stretched tight overt firm young muscles…
    The teenage body is an adult playground, an amusement park with rides and attractions from head to toe.

        1. I as well, whenever I could find someone to share with, even when he was a bit older. That’s how I learned to please someone physically — I simply repeated how I was pleased and just added my own style. Experience is the best teacher, I’ve always found.

  4. Oh, no!!! Might someone be accused of having a dirty mind in these comments?

    Quick!! Call the Internet Police!! We can’t let this happen!!

    1. Ha ha. My mind went way past dirty half a century ago. No telling how far it is from clean today.

  5. I just LOVE the “click to get another pic” posts. It’s like unwrapping people :D

    And Penboy: stop behaving like a child and start ignoring people that should ignore you. Nothing wrong with ignoring in our all interwebs world!

    1. And Mewoo: stop behaving like an ignorant child and start recognizing the surface immaturity just for the sake of political correctness.

      Have a nice day … assuming you can think that far into the ‘future’.

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