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It is the last day before Victor and his parents are moving to another city. So he and his best friend Robert do all the things they liked to do together so much: skateboarding, spraying, hanging out. But something is different this time, there is something much more than just a friendship. Immersed in childhood memories, this film explores emotional and sexual boundaries between two best friends.

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  1. First, the NAME of this video is: Viktor and Robert [Heel?], not “Reel” — That’s a completely different video (Look them up).

    Second, you posted (imbedded) this without any credits and very poor subtitles. See above link — it has credits (pretty important for short videos so others will know who did them)and better subtitles.

    “This lost a bit of it’s charm when one of the boys are played by a girl.”

    I agree, not because I don’t want to see a trans-boy, but because the entire premise of this video is about two boys, noted by their names and the inference of what boys do and how they would feel and react. A trans-boy cannot possibly be and react 100% of what a “true” boy would be and do. Particularly so at these ages. Close, but “no cigar” (as some would say).

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