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  1. The Trailer for “My Best Friend” on the same channel (Directors channel) looks also very interesting.

  2. I think the idea and story of this video is taken in a large part from Nico And Dani, 2000, particularly at the very end, when the pretty obvious gay one was masturbating his boyfriend.

    But the general confusion of whether the other is truly gay or not, and whether he really has [at least the physical] love to share seems probably not just from the earlier movie, but also in the [general] Spanish male teen culture — close friendships can be very open with peers and family, but still hidden is whether there is true love for each other.

    And of course the negative aspects of male teens truly falling and expressing love for each other, particularly in the [natural,] physical way — thanks to their catholic churches.

  3. A beautiful story very well told through beaituful pictures : true poetry.
    The two boys who are in love are quite handsome. Many thanks for posting.

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